5 Creative Games That Will Help To Boost Your Intelligence

A human mind, soul and body are intertwined and below are a list of creative games that actually help in thinking clearly, and mentally challenge your mind.

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 A human’s mind, soul and body are intertwined and it is essential to keep each of these systems up and running. Engaging in fun activities, having a balanced diet and relaxing is often the mantra for staying in the pink of health. A lesser-known fact is that the creative games can revitalize your body and acts as a stimulant for innovative and cognitive processes. Below is a list of games that actually help in thinking clearly, and mentally challenge your mind.

  • Board Games- Some believe in the fact that board games are only meant for children. Games like chess, ludo or Scrabble need constant thinking and concentration of your brain. These kinds of games require the mind to be aware and continuously engage in the thinking process. Besides enhancing and developing the activity it also increases the functioning of the mind.
  • Get The Picture- This game puts your visual attention to test. How these game works are, you will be provided with a picture, as normal as that of a living room. After looking at the image for a minute, list down the items you remember from the picture. Once done, look at the image again, but this time focuses actively on it. There are chances that you had better answers compared to the first try. In this way your brain can focus and multitask, concentrating on the minutest of details.
  • Poker and card games- Often confused with gambling, poker is a game that requires intuition. For instance, there are games like The Spartan Poker which helps to enhance intuition. It keeps developing on a regular basis, depending on the situation one experiences. Poker is a game which involves controlled the psychological activity of the brain, resulting in the boost of visualization, the 5 essential senses, and confidence.
  • Pictionary- We have all indulged in Pictionary at least once in our lifetime. Pictionary aids our visual skill and improves the creative quality. It requires you to portray the given word in pictorial form according to one’s imagination. Under the constraints of time, it makes the mind think faster than normal and explore parts of your creativity to get the desired result. It further implicates the cerebellum in the creative and executing process.
  • Sudoku and Crossword- Every newspaper that arrives have a sudoku and crossword puzzle, side by side. It isn’t meant to fill space but rather fitted in for a reason. The reason is that these kinds of puzzle-based games can significantly and effectively improve the cognitive function of the brain. Similarly, it is also a form of training that deepens the developmental thinking along with the quality of mind. Besides this, it also helps in improving and increasing the memory function of the brain.
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