5 Open World Games With Huge Maps for Low-End PCs

Open world games are always fun to play especially when the map has a lot to offer and you can just roam around freely exploring every corner of the map.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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Open world games are fun when the map is full of adventures and quests to achieve and complete. The map is very important, how good and convincing the buildings to look, the surroundings should be immersive, people in the city should be convincing and responsive. A map that is big and full of adventures sticks to the gamers, and they enjoy the game even after it has aged well. These 5 games have big maps but at no point do they bore the gamer.


#1 ARMA 3

It has a map size of 270 square kilometres which is more than two times larger than that of GTA 5s. Arma 3 is an open world realism based military tactical shooter video game. Arma 3 is set in the 2030s. It's an amazingly realistic shooter with planes, cars, tanks and helicopters. Mods also add to the game more weapons and vehicles from all different battles from World War II all the way to modern-day. There are also servers and missions you can play with or without friends, or you can even create your own mission with the Eden editor. It's an immersive and realistic experience perfect for those that are tired of the typical aim and shoot type of first-person shooters. It delivers an experience like no other realistic tactics and scenarios leave the player odd at the level of detail this game has to offer.

#2 Operation Flashpoint: DR


It has a map size of about 350 square kilometres almost 2.8 times larger than that of GTA 5s. Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is an open world tactical shooter video game. According to game informer, there are over 70 weapons in the game. Dragon Rising takes place on the fictional island of Scara. Scara is sparsely populated with some towns and more isolated houses and settlements. Dragon Rising also features a multiplayer mode in storyline co-op mode up to four human players can play through the single-player campaign together. Each human player replacing a computer-controlled character. The player versus player multiplayer includes four maps to choose from and is definitely worth a try.

#3 Test Drive Unlimited 2

It has a map size of about 1,000 square kilometres almost eight times larger than that of GTA 5s. Start the engine and go for a ride Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing video game similar to that of Forza Horizon series. The game is set upon two islands of Ibiza, an island in the bay of lyric islands which belongs to Spain and Oahu one of the Hawaiian islands. Both islands have been modelled mostly accurately by using satellite data. Each island has both Asphalt roads and off-road routes translated to roughly two-thirds of all roads being Asphalt roads and the total length of road exceeds 3,000 kilometres. Test Drive Unlimited 2 has a similar online mode to the previous game free roam driving during free-roaming. Up to eight players can join a session at the same time. The ability to walk is also present in the new racing lobby. This game is a must-try for all the racing enthusiasts.


#4 Just Cause 2

Why Just Cause? Just because its map is about 2025 square kilometres including oceans and islands. It means, its map is ridiculously 16 times larger than that of GTA 5s but the thing about this game is everything is super detailed. There are at least 10 airports in this game with one being an international airport and others being a military base. Just Cause 2 is a third-person an action-adventure game in which players control Rico Rodriguez field operative of the agency in an effort to overthrow the island dictatorship of pan-op. If you are into the open-world action-adventure game and are bored with the mini maps of GTA, then you can definitely try these games.


It has a map size of about 14,400 square kilometres 113 times larger than that of GTA 5s and every single part of the map is explorable. For those who have no idea about GTA 5's map size, this game's map size is about 436 times larger than that of GTA San Andreas map. Fuel is a racing game set in a vast open world. Fuel focused on extreme racing on an epic scale. Racers are pitted against fearsome weather in buggies, trucks and an assortment of fierce-looking off-road vehicles. Fuel also gives players a chance to collect tons of unlockable from around the world's huge map including vehicles skins, helmets and driver clothing. Supporting a competitive multiplayer mode for 216 players and a co-op multiplayer mode supporting up to four players. The title flourished online and is a must-try.

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