PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: 5 Points to Become a Pro

These PUBG mobile tips and tricks will help you in critical situations and roaming around the map. Follow these tricks to achieve pro-level gameplay.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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PUBG mobile is still a very popular game with new players joining every single day. There are some things apart from the game mechanics and maps that you need to know and understand. These things can help you get better in the game and push through the ranks in a faster manner. The PUBG mobile tips can help you get more kills, move around the map and spot enemies in a much easier fashion.


#1 Throwing Pan

PUBG now allows you to throw a pan or other melee weapons at your enemy, and it makes a sound. This will confuse your opponents. When you don't have any grenades or smokes, you can throw your pan to confuse your opponent. At this moment it's really hard to notice whether it is a grenade or pan. If they see this they will try to do something like jumping out of the window, and you can take them down at that moment.

#2 Lookout for Vehicles While Landing


If you ever have to get out from your landing location, you will know exactly where you can find a vehicle. When you cross around 500 meters altitude while parachuting, you will start to see the vehicle spawning on the ground. This is where you have to memorize those locations. Also, you can see if the vehicle spawns in the garage or not from the rendering glitch. When you're at about 500 meters altitude, you will get a chance to look underneath the garage for about one or two seconds. If you see any vehicle then there will be one if you don't see any then there will be no vehicle in the garage.

#3 Use Pistols in FPP

It's easier to shoot with the pistol in the first-person mode and also it's kind of satisfying to use a pistol in the first-person view. It's somehow easier to aim in the first-person mode with a pistol. There is no difference in the recoil of a pistol but it's more comfortable to use the pistol in FPP mode as it becomes really easier to shoot.


#4 Use Gas Cans

This is like one of the hardest tricks to do, but it's really fun. So the idea of this trick is simple, you just got knocked by your opponent and your opponent is still shooting at you and trying to finish you, but you remember you have a gas can in your bag. So you just pull out the gas can from the bag and your enemy is still shooting at you and accidentally shoot at the gas can, the gas can will explode killing both of you. It's a really fun trick to do if you ever got into this type of situation, and you have a gas can then you should try this.

#5 Climb the Doors

Before Erangel 2.0, there were very few houses where players could climb the door to scout the top floors of buildings. In Erangel 2.0, this can be done in most houses. All you need to do is pull your joystick back at a 45-degree angle towards the door and jump. This will trigger the ledge-grab function and you will be able to climb making it possible for you to spot the campers who might be hiding unaware of your presence behind them.

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