5 Useful Open Source Testing Tools for Agile Testers

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Are you a technical tester in the agile project? Various new platforms are being developed every day, and testers are providing sharing their inputs with the developers to improve the functionalities of the project as well as test numerous features, etc. using various testing tools to verify the functionality of the application. Here, we have compiled a list of useful tools to help your testing activities in agile projects.

1.Selenium Web Driver

Selenium Web Driver is the most widely used test tool for browser test automation. By running automated tests on the UI, we can simulate what the user sees when they interact with the web application. One of the main advantages of using Selenium WebDriver over other UI automation tools is that you can write your automated tests in a variety of supported programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby, Python, and PHP.

Selenium is often used in Agile projects because there is a heavy emphasis on automated testing and that the whole team can contribute to automated tests.



Jmeter is an open source performance testing tool written entirely in Java. It can be used to load test websites (HTTP, HTTPS) as well as Web Services(SOAP and REST) and Databases. The HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder can be used to record and replay requests. Jmeter can be extended by plugins to support further functionalities and there is also a Jenkins plugin which means you can run performance tests as part of the delivery pipeline.



SoapUI tool is primarily used for functional testing of Web Services. The tool is relatively easy to use and you can create tests for web services in just a few minutes. You can execute tests and analyze the reports all inside SoapUI GUI. A nice feature of SoapUI is its ability to create mock web services which are handy when you are creating tests for a web service which are not yet developed.



These days, most applications need to be tested against multiple browsers and operating systems. Instead of having physical servers with different operating systems and browsers, VirtualBox provides an easy solution to create virtual machines with different configurations. You can run VirtualBox on any operating system to create virtual machines and you can even have multiple virtual machines with different operating systems on the same box.



XMind in the most popular and feature-rich mind mapping tool. You can use it to create stunning mind maps to highlight the features of a website, or to create a user journey flow through the application. Mind maps have become very popular in the world of software testing because they provide nice visuals and can be of great help when designing test cases.



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