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Times are tough. And you do not need us to tell you that. The signs are all around you. Your budgets have been cut, and you are under pressure to save even more. One way is to cut investments. But that can have long-term negative implications that you would rather not have. So, how do you tighten your belt without sacrificing productivity and quality?
This is where your IT setup should come to your aid. You should be able to leverage your IT infrastructure to deliver savings not only in IT itself, but also in other areas
of your business. In this issue, we outline 51ways to save money. Some of them lead to direct savings of expenditure. Some of them will help you to defer investments for some more time. And some will help you to
improve productivity all around. It is one thing to advise, and yet another to practice what you preach. Let us begin with what we are preaching. Let us keep this introduction brief, saving your time (and also some paper).

1 Use
Free Office Suites
18 Photocopy prints 35 Map
network drives
2 Use A Free OS 19 Avoid color Prints 36 Cache the Net
3 Defer
Software Upgrades
20 Print at low resolution 37 Use Local Mail Servers
4 Use
Instant Messengers
21 Print
on both sides of paper
38 Download heavy files at off-peak hours
5 Use SMS Chat Rooms 22 Preview
your page
39 Send zipped files
6 Make
Voice Calls From PCs
23 Switch off
40 Put filters on spam

Free Fax Services

24 Switch off your PCs 41 Use
Free Net Storage Space
8 Use
Voip Over Existing Wan Links
25 Reduce power consumption by PCs 42 Download mail manually
9 Video


43 Avoid sending attachments
10 Share
An Internet Account
27 Move data to
44 Update anti-virus software
11 Use ISDN instead
of dial-up
28 Avoid
buying floppies
45 Create Folder shortcuts
12 Search the Net for travel
29 Negotiate better rates 46 Share
CD drives
13 Scan and mail files 30 Send memos
on e-mail
47 Turn off animation
14 Upgrade
instead of discard
31 Use
Minimum Network Protocols
48 Enable DMA
15 Use PC-sharing kits 32 Keep
common data on central servers
49 Reduce start-up time
16 Use integrated motherboards 33 Categorize software on the
50 Buy MFDs
17 Refill
34 Use network-monitoring tools 51 Use mail poppers

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