5G: Empowering the internet World

Ashok Pandey
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5G is poised to ensure a fast, reliable network and to provide greater capacity and reliability. In addition, the fifth-generation wireless technology offers improved and advanced network transmission speeds and enables more devices to connect and operate simultaneously. However, the flip side to this is that it has vast implications for industry, enterprise, and individual users.


5G will be a determining factor in empowering the internet of things (IoT) and enabling the technological development of smart cities. But with emerging technologies, such as industrial robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, inevitably, 5G will change the nature of cyber crimes and the growing demand for cybersecurity. Sandip Kumar Panda, Co-Founder & CEO of InstaSafe Technologies talked about the next-gen connectivity 5G and how it will impact the cyber security industry.

5G – A revolutionary technology

5G is a revolutionary technology shift in the way the world will be connected with users and devices. 5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G. The government is focusing on two particular sectors to gain from it i.e Health and Education. Education content can be streamed faster, and the health sector will be more connected.


Certain sectors that will also deeply gain from the technology are the Internet of Things (IoT), Connected technology such as connected cars, Augmented reality, and virtual reality such as the Metaverse experience. With faster data streaming and low latency, 5G will bring the virtual world to real-life experiences.

5G may help citizens with socio-economic benefits and comforts delivered by well-advanced and data-sensitive and more digital benefits as a country. Overall, the communication system's core architecture will benefit with the 5G rollout.

5G would bring massive changes in India


As 5G is 10 times faster than 4G, there are certain industries that are going to grow rapidly with 5G technology. Manufacturing, logistics, telecom, education, and health sectors will get a massive boost and position Indian companies as global players. 5G will contribute significantly to India’s goal of a 5 trillion USD economy by the year 2025.

As Indian 5Gi standards are expected to be incorporated into the global standard, India’s 5G technology will be recognized worldwide and Indian technology players will be taken equally seriously and on par with technology players from US and China. 5G technology from the US and China is very costly compared to the technology by Indian players. India will play a significant role in providing affordable 5G technology to various developing countries across the globe.

India's roadmap

Indian 5G technology is being indigenously developed by various Indian players such as TCS, Tejas Networks, HFCL, Saankhya Labs supporting make-in-India initiatives. India players have created the 5Gi standard which is soon to be incorporated in the Global standard, confirmed by DoT (Department of Telecom). India is a significant market to be ignored by global players. But this is a significant effort by Indian companies and the Government to come together to work on 5G standards and roll out the technology.