6 Android Smartphones of 2021 That Are Worth Buying Right Now

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Most of the big android phones of early 2021 have now launched. As summer comes full circle, it’s time to update our top picks.

Samsung Galaxy S21:

The regular Samsung Galaxy S21 is the best overall android phone for most people. It delivers the full Samsung flagship experience in a phone that’s more pocketable and affordable than the S21 Ultra. For the money, you still got a fantastic 120 hertz display, top tier processor, and nice to have extras like wireless charging. Plus, a very competent triple camera array. Sadly, that comes without the super telephoto camera of Samsung’s more expensive handset. Samsung also has finally figured out how to do decent in-screen fingerprint this year.

In terms of the software in general you’ll find that One UI 3 gives you a good-looking and performant android interface with solid Google integration and an expansive feature set. What’s just as important though is software support. With Samsung now promising three years of platform updates and four years of security updates with its new Galaxy flagships, that’s more than you’ll get even with a Google Pixel. All this means that a high-end Samsung is good for the long haul.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

If you want the very best screen, the biggest battery, and a ludicrous camera setup then look no further than the S21’s big brother the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Building on the foundations of that vanilla S21, the ultra upgrades the main camera sensor to a gigantic 108 megapixel unit and adds a twin telephoto setup capable of three times and 10 times zoom for far-flung photography on a phone.

There’s simply no better option than the top-end Samsung flagship plus the gigantic size of the S21 ultra means it can offer an enormous bright and stunning 6.8 inch curved display. Along with one of the biggest batteries you’ll find in android flagship.

OnePlus 9 Pro:

If you’re shopping in Europe, the OnePlus 9 Pro is priced very competitively versus Samsung’s phones. OnePlus 9 Pro just offers a fantastic all-round premium experience whichever country you happen to be in. Its display comes very close to matching the S21 Ultra’s though that great display comes packaged in a smaller and lighter handset. OnePlus also has the edge when it comes to charging speeds with 65 watt and 50 watt wireless charging. Which is pretty much unmatched in a mainstream phone. 

The other big deal with the new OnePlus handsets is Hasselblad and the improvements made to its camera system. In addition to more natural color tuning thanks to the partnership with the Swedish camera veteran, it’s using a custom 48 megapixel Sony IMX 789 sensor for its main camera and a capable 50 megapixel sensor for the ultrawide. This is not only OnePlus best camera ever but one of the best setups in any android phone. With OnePlus oxygen OS you’ve got a highly customizable UI that’s a little closer to vanilla Android than some other phones on this list.

Google Pixel 4a:

While we are expecting a Pixel 5a in just a few months, the Pixel 4a remains the budget champion giving you just enough phone to do pretty much everything you’d want to do. Don’t be fooled by the bland exterior and run-of-the-mill specs, the Pixel 4a is a phenomenal little phone with the best camera you’ll find in a device at this price point.

Being a Pixel, you also get all of Google’s smart AI based services built in including tight integration with Google Assistant and pixel exclusives like live transcribe which works with any audio playing on the device. Its small size also means it’s easily pocketable even with a battery that’s large enough to last you for a full day’s use. Plus, Google’s upgrade promise means you’re good for android security and platform updates through until 2023.

Google Pixel 5:

Google’s flagship Pixel 5 takes the fundamentals of the 4a and cranks it up a few more notches. The display is now slightly larger with smaller bezels and boasts a smoother 90 hertz refresh rate. Its chassis is built out of metal with a unique bio-resin skin and Google has even added wireless charging and ip68 protection for dust and water spills. In addition to the faster Snapdragon 765 processor, more ram and internal storage the pixel finally gets an ultrawide camera. In essence, the Pixel 5 gives you almost everything you’d want out of a premium android phone for significantly less than most of the competition.

That’s because like the 4a what makes the Pixel 5 special is its software its services and its AI. So if you want a premium phone at basically mid-range prices, and you’re big on the Google ecosystem, the Pixel 5 is definitely worth a look.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2:

New foldable phones are emerging all the time but if you want the very best overall experience in a phone with more than one screen then our recommendation is still the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It’s built on the same solid foundations as the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 with a reliable triple camera setup and a 120 hertz internal display.

The Fold 2 essentially gives you a phone and a tablet in one. The outer display is a 6.23 inch AMOLED panel that’s good for just about anything you’d normally do on a phone. When you do need more space to work or play all you need to do is open it up to reveal a 7.6 inch AMOLED canvas.

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