6 Useful Cross-Browser Testing Tools

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Your website is ready with all the required function and cool design. You tried to make it responsive for almost every device, but have you tested the visibility? So, here are the 6 cross-browser testing tools, both free and paid, which are quite useful to check your website compatibility.

Browsershots: This is a simple and free tool providing functionalities you won’t find in any other tool. The service is just a screenshot of how a site looks like in a range of browsers. However, the list of supported browsers is huge. You can also select the screen size, color depth, whether to check or not for issues with JavaScript (and which JavaScript version), Java and Flash.

Browser Sandbox: This tool is only compatible with Windows PCs, but it has a wide list of browsers, including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium Canary, Firefox Mobile, Safari, Opera, and Firefox Nightly. The limitation of the free service is that it allows testing in the latest version of each browser only. If you need access to older browsers versions, you’ll need to get a plan.

Net Renderer: If Internet Explorer is the browser of primary interest to you, then this can be beneficial. You can test your site in IE 5.5 to 11. It’s a quick and straightforward tool, though it doesn’t come with tons of features.

Microsoft Edge: It is a complete platform that goes beyond testing in IE only. As a matter of fact, it offers screenshots of your site in other browsers and on various mobile devices, too. The reason I’ve bracketed it with the IE testers group is that it offers virtual machines with different IE versions only and that it7 Cross-browser Testing Tools offers the Azure Remote App that allows you to remotely test in IE.

Browsera: This is a very thorough suite, however, it is a paid tool, but offers value for your money. With Browsera, you can test layout, JavaScript, dynamic pages, password-protected pages, etc. It requires no installation. You can sign for a 30-day free trial.

CrossBrowserTesting: It uses real devices to run the browsers on, while emulators basically do a great job, nothing beats the real thing. The features list is really good and CrossBrowserTesting certainly is worth its money. The list of supported browsers and operating systems is the largest in the industry – 900 browsers across more than 40 operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and more.

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