80+ Questions to Ask Before Buying any Product

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There is so much variety around and also so much tech jargon to understand, that choosing the right product for our needs becomes a nightmare. Through this story, we help ease the pain by providing expert advice on 80+ key queries consumers have regarding the latest technologies and products, be it ultrabooks, hybrids or convertibles, phablets, smartphones, workstations, MFPs, and more…

Popular Enterprise and Personal Computing Products

Thin Clients: A Replacement for Regular PCs in Highly Secure Environs

In offices where security is a prime requirement, thin clients provide a solution to manage desktops virtually by moving all apps and data to the data center. We provide 15 different reasons why you could end up choosing a thin client for your office.

Smartphone Buying Guide: Essential Things to Check Before Buying

We all want to choose a phone having a good display, faster performance, great camera and long battery life. Plus, there are more such questions in your mind before you buy a smartphone. Here we put together some of the key questions a person needs answers to before making the right purchase.

5 Key Things to Know Before Buying a Phablet

Smartphones have aways been business and multimedia powerhouses, but at times, consumers have asked for bigger and better screens on their hand held devices. If you’re looking for a super-sized phone that can also replace your Tablet, a phablet could be just what you need.

Buying a Hybrid Device: Here is what you need to know before buying one

Most people are generally confused by the differing terminology and don’t really appreciate the functionality offered by the two products. Here we provide a detailed differentiation between the two.

Essential Advice Before Buying RAM, Motherboard, CPU and other PC Components

Don’t understand the difference between different types of CPUs, RAM, hard drives, and other PC components? This article would definitely help.

7 handy tips to choose the Right MFP for your printing requirements

With a wide range of printers available in the market, choosing one depends on various factors such as the estimated volume of printing, type of documents to be printed, budget etc. Here we answer the key questions a buyer is likely to ask.

Graphics Workstations: 10 Key Queries Answered

Workstations are designed to meet the requirements of a number of specific markets and applications. Typical applications areas that benefit from the advantages of a personal workstations are Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Digital Content Creation (DCC), Entertainment world, Design and simulation in engineering, manufacturing and many more. Here we discuss the key points to ponder before making a choice.

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