9 Open Source Storage Solutions: A Perfect Solution To Store Your Precious Data

Finding a right storage solution is always critical for business, especially for small and medium, but what if you get a perfect solution at no cost.

Ashok Pandey
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Open Source Storage Solutions

Whatever business nature you have, there must be some precious data which you want to store in a secured place. Finding a right storage solution is always critical for business, especially for small and medium, but what if you get a perfect solution at no cost.


There is no doubt that business cant runs without data, but while looking for a solution, you might need to spend a fortune to cover all your storage requirements. Open source tools come as the viable solution where you won't spend money yet get a suitable solution to store your precious data. And don't worry we will help you to find one of the best.


One of the secure, stable, and fast storage solutions available to store the data. It supports almost all clients using the SMB/CIFS protocol (all versions of DOS and Windows, OS/2, Linux, and many others). Moreover, many storage appliances depend upon Samba to get the job done.

File Server

The dedicated Linux storage distribution uses Samba, Webmin, Pydio, SSL, and much more to create an outstanding storage solution without having to piece it all together yourself. The best features of File Server is that it can be set up as both a standard Windows-compatible storage solution and as a web-based file solution.



It is one of the reliable and scalable solutions to deliver awesome performance. It is a distributed object store and file system that can easily handle massive data storage as well as it works seamlessly with block storage...


Create an outstanding storage solution with FreeNAS storage-based Linux distribution that can be installed on almost any platform. It hosts numerous features including replication, data protection, encryption, file sharing, snapshots, an easy-to-use web-based interface, and a powerful plug-in system.


If you want to deploy both storage area networking (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) then Openfiler could be the perfect solution to look for. You can create a storage space choosing one - community edition and a commercial edition.


ZFS file system

With the excellent scalability and data integrity, ZFS ensures data integrity better than other file system.


It is an open NAS solution built on Debian that features services like SSH, SMB/CIFS, (S)FTP, RSync, DAAP media server, and BitTorrent client. It comes with a massive plug-in system—so you can add required function which you need easily.


It is a "scale-out architecture distributed parallel filesystem" to cater large-scale storage needs. It's lightning fast and can handle petabytes of data and tens of thousands of nodes.


The list is incomplete without Linux because most Linux distributions can easily serve as an effective storage solution. However, you can tweak and customize as per your business requirements.

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