9 Visualisation Tools to Make Your Content More Attractive

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Data visualisation is entering a new era of intelligence and contextual understanding. Big brands are deploying different kinds of visualisation packages to keep the consumers engaged. We know that visual marketing is the best way to connect with the consumers and with a right graphic any brand can create a long-lasting impact on the consumers. The Amul girl and her satirical views created by Sylvester da Cunha made the brand a big hit with the urban Indians and it is clearly one of the best examples of visual marketing.



First Amul hoarding ever


With the advent of social media, many brands are using it as a platform for showcasing their product and customer interaction. Many tools have emerged on the internet which provides the power of visual marketing right in your hand.

Let’s have a look on top 9 tools to create social media graphics.

The best thing about Canva is its simplicity. If you are not a designer but still want to be then this is the tool for you. Canva has pre-designed graphics that allow complete customization in a clean, drag and drop environment. From the design selector menu, you can choose your layout, search images, purchase stock photos and customise the look and feel to match your brand’s taste. It is certainly the best tool around for designers.

PiktoChart is the best tool available for making Infographics. This free web app has over 100 customizable themes for Infographics, reports, banners and presentations. All you need to do is to pick your template and start designing. PiktoChart’s intuitive editing tools are flexible so you can customise almost everything according to your taste and requirements.

With QuotesCover, you can design personal or famous quotes in a click. Just add your quote, choose your layout, add a photo or a plain background, choose the colour and font and you’re done.

PicMonkey has been around for a while, but it’s still very popular with designers.

You can edit an image or create a collage using your own images. It has pre-made templates and you can add overlays and text of your choice. PicMonkey allows you to make multiple images in minutes. Once you are done just save the image and share across all of your social networks.

Pixlr is just like Photoshop and allows you to choose your image, add effects, overlays, filters, text and borders to a photo. Pixlr gives you the flexibility to capture your visual style. It also works with Chrome extension in your browser which allows the flexibility to move offline or online.

With CloudApp you can store images online and link them for fast sharing. Their new Mac app comes with more advanced features like screengrabs and GIF creation. With the app open, you can make a GIF video of anything you do on your screen. Once the image is ready, CloudApp can automatically put the image URL onto your clipboard.

Placeit can easily integrate with your web address. You can choose a background from the library and then upload a screenshot. You can also provide the URL to Placeit so that it can sync the image with your site. The interactive video option can embed your website into the window thereby allowing the users to scroll through the site as if they were visiting the page in their browser.

Smush.it allows you to optimise your image, thereby making it easier to upload online. Choose any image of your choice, upload it to Smush.it and the tool compresses the image into more optimal file size.

With lots of tools available online, designing has never been so much easier. You can choose the tool that works the best for your brand.

iCharts allows you to create vibrantly, easily understandable charts of all kinds.  The biggest plus point of iCharts is that it allows you to load Excel spreadsheets, Google Drive documents or type data in manually.

Their pre-defined design templates can make your charts fully interactive, automatically. iCharts are hosted in the cloud so updating them completely hassle-free. It can also be embedded in newsletters, social networks and websites, thereby making it SEO friendly.

With these tools, you can start your campaign right away without any hassles.

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  1. Daniel
    #1 Daniel 10 April, 2017, 06:00

    Great list. I have been using Canva from quite some time now and its super easy to design. One of the best tools for effective graphics.

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    • Sidharth Shekhar
      Sidharth Shekhar Author 11 April, 2017, 10:27

      Thanks for reading this article and your inputs Daniel. Canva is good for beginners who want to play around with graphics before they move on to serious platforms. It is free with certain premium features which make it unique. I have been using it since 2015 and I seriously recommend it to all the users who are looking for a tool to create visualizations, meme, cards and more.

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