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BackUp Maker is a tool that lets you backup your data directly on to CD/DVD,

internal and external drives (local and network), USB drives and even on FTP

servers in ZIP format. It has wizards to handle backup and restore operations.

It has an option to enable backup of data in real-time. Another option lets you

split backups for being able to save them in smaller volumes. It also supports

scheduled backups, dated files, incremental backups, password protection, etc.

Not only this, it supports spanning which allows you to take huge amount of data

across multiple disks.

The backup software is easy to use and offers an advanced mode that has
additional features such as Pause backup, Retry file access, Own split methods,

Hide password (restore), Fast navigation in Backup wizard, Encrypted FTP

password, Save volume letter and File/folder search (restore).

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Applies To:

Desktop users

Price: Rs 2,950 approx

USP: Backup and restore data directly on CD/DVD, USB or an
FTP site

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Backup Maker

Select data to backup

To use BackUp Maker, you have to first click on BackUp Maker's system tray
icon, which will open a wizard. Here select the files and folder that you want

to backup and click next. In the next window, select Filter option, where you

can define the files or folder that you want to exclude in the backup process

and click next. After this, you can define the schedule for your backup process

by assigning it time and date for backup and click Next.

Select backup type

Now select the type of backup you want to create, like full backup or partial
backup and execute the file that you want to backup. For security, you can

protect the backup using a password. This backup utility gives you an option to

split the backup for spanning on to two or more drives. By default, when you

upload your backups to an FTP server, port 21 is used. If this port is blocked

by your Firewall or if you wish to use another port, please enter the number for

that port in the FTP port field.

BackUp Maker gives you a range of backup options such as full or partial backups, backup scheduling and much more

After the backup is complete, BackUp Maker normally shows a report,

containing information on the backup. In the end it also tells you about any

errors that were encountered in the backup process. You can restore all your

saved data using well-known Zip tools (e.g. WinZip, WinACE) or using BackUp

Maker's restore wizard.