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Aplethora of 3D modeling applications are available today, but modeling an
organic item like human body parts, animals, etc, still remains a tough task.
Blender is an Open Source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering,
post-production, and interactive creation. It works with all major OSes.

The latest version of Blender comes with new ‘Surface Subdivision’ feature.
This gives you accurate, fine, and realistic shape of your work. Your work can
be saved in a single blend file, including images, sounds, and fonts for easy
transportation. Blender supports all 2D and 3D file formats, including 3D
Studio, Lightwave , and COLLADA for import or export to other 3D

Let’s start by creating a heart with the help of Blender.

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You need a ‘Sphere’ object to
create a heart. Open the blender application and press ‘del’ or ‘X’ for
erasing the existing square object from the screen.
Click on ‘Viewport Shading’ and
select ‘Wireframe’ mode. For bringing the ‘Sphere’ on the screen, press
‘Space Bar’ and select NURBS Sphere from the pop up menu.

For making the ‘Sphere’ big,
press ‘S’ and drag outward. You can see the shaded view by pressing ‘Z’ or
clicking on ‘Viewport Shading’ and selecting ‘Solid’.
Press ‘1’ or select ‘Front’ from
the ‘View’ menu, which shows the front view. Click ‘Tab’ to enter the edit
mode and press ‘A’ for deselecting all the vertices.

Select ‘Border Selection’ tool
by pressing ‘B’. Select middle vertices of top row by dragging cursor over
them; hidden vertices are selected as well. You can view them by pressing
Switch to ‘Shaded’ view by
pressing ‘Z’. Enter ‘Grabmode’ by pressing ‘G’ and move the selected
vertices downward. Now you can see a nice, smooth bump on the ‘Sphere’.

Deselect all vertices. Select
top left and top right vertices and make them wider using scale ‘S’. Press
‘Grabber’ (‘G’ ) and move the vertices up a bit.
Again deselect all vertices. Now
select three bottom vertices using ‘B’ and scale them by pressing ‘S’.
Select the bottom middle vertices again and grab to make a point.

Now the image looks almost like
a heart. But, if you change to side view by pressing ‘3’, you will see that
your object looks more like a hot air balloon than a heart.
Select all vertices and bring
the mouse over the heart. Press middle button of your mouse and move
horizontally. Switching to ‘Front’ view now shows a clear image of heart.

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