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Windows users
Partition the hard drive for installing various OS in the same disk

Windows has an inbuilt hard drive partitioning and
formatting tool. You can use Swiss knife-a free tool that can format, create,
delete and modify existing hard drive


But a point to be noted is that it 
works only on a secondary or external drive. You can’t use it on the
host drive (where Windows is installed).

We used Swissknife to format, create and delete partitions
on a 500 GB hard drive. The utility proved quite convenient, and works on Win 95
and later versions or Windows. It is more useful for Win 95 or 98 that don’t
have a disk management tool like in Win XP. 
It creates and formats partitions very quickly. 
The user interface of the product is simple, letting you do many related
tasks with a single click.

Unlike Partition Magic which reboots the system, Swissknife
runs without any rebooting. You can download a free copy of Swissknife from the
compuapps site.

Install Swissknife and run it to get a window that shows info about the attached hard drives. Now click on ‘Partition and Quick Format’ to start the process Choose the file system to format from the drop down menu, and move the slider to determine the size that you want to create a partition of
Partitions are ready to be used after exiting, without any restart. You can name them on your own or use the default We can delete any of the partitions. All you have to do is confirm the deletion when the confirmation box pops up 

Abe Kurian

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