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I watched Lion King, the movie, in 1995 almost 17 years back. But as I write this column, I want to sum up my experience with the iPad 2 tablet in a tweetable manner and the best way to sum up life post the iPad invention is “ A whole new world.” We are not just experiencing it but are also creating it. My life as an entrepreneur has changed with the iPad2. I recall a famous quote at this point:

A new gadget that lasts only five minutes is worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone.

—Francis Picabia

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I would say that the iPad or any tablet is an interesting creation which will force human beings to reinvent themselves, and to some extent that is already happening.

I first bought an iPad in April 2010 from the iconic Apple store in New York but within the first month, I gave it away to a colleague as I was spending too much time consuming content, interacting over it, which reduced my physical interaction with other humans. Last year, in December 2011, I acquired the iPad 2 and with it work and life has never been the same before.

The iPad is my working office. Being in the publishing and media business, it has brought a new perspective about the the way the future might unfold. I also consume content on it, listen to music, such as devotional aartis, and can find anything I need on the go. Simple as it may sound, I do not call friends that much as I used to for references and directions. I just search on my iPad.

iPad has made consumption of content relevant to me and my work faster, and easier. Every morning I can check the content in my domain and am set for the day. I also use the iPad to go to Facebook and Linkedin everyday. I see what my friends and colleagues are posting. My iPad has become an integral part of my life.

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Being in media and publishing I am redefining the business of media. I have shared with all my senior editorial and business colleagues that print magazines should be secondary to our business, and we should produce content for digital and tablet natives.

The industry segments we operate in have a predominant population of tablet owners and my using one has woken me up from stupor. My business colleagues are thinking hard to find business models around the tablet ecosystem. My editorial colleagues are creating applications for the tablet users. My senior colleagues have iPads and tablets. In the next six months I want all my colleagues to have tablets. It’s a whole new world is all I can say. I am coming alive to the opportunities.

The only part that is irritating and sometimes funny about using iPad is the spelling change suggestions which sometimes make your emails funny. Once I wrote to my colleague, ‘sneha walks in south’ and it changed sneha to snake and we all had a good laugh. iPad is living upto its value of giving you entertainment, now whatever that means to you.

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