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We look at some Web-based remote access tools that enable users to access
their computer over the Internet, giving them the flexibility of working from a
remote site. These tools are perfect for teleworkers, travelers, and those in
need of after office-hour access.

The tools are a boon for troubleshooting (on remote computer) and educational
purposes. Also, these are easy to implement and come with a free trial version
so that one can get a taste of the product before buying.

As different plans of each product are available one can buy them according
to organizational and personal needs. All these tools require that the remote
computer be connected to the Internet.
Before giving a brief on each of these, let us take one area of implementation
where these can be of great help. BPO, one of the fastest growing industries,
has product support as an integral part of its working. Now computer-based
product support as an these tools can be of great help. Consider a case where a
novice user is trying to configure his new laptop for wireless connection.
Instructing him over a phone or chat is difficult, but taking control of his/her
computer and configuring it remotely would save a lot on time and in turn
provide better customer support. Many companies like HCL BPO are using these
tools, and with cost and variety available today even small and medium size
companies can implement these tools efficiently.

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Applies To:
Teleworkers, travelers, for after-hour access
USP: Remotely access your computer
Google Keywords: Remote access tools

Citrix GoToMyPC 6.0
GoToMyPC, a well-known Web-based remote access tool comes with a wireless
access support for PocketPC and can be accessed on Macintosh, Linux, Unix,
or Solaris. Data protection while accessing a system remotely is a key thing
and GoToMyPC achieves it using Advanced encryption standard which is a
latest block cipher (with 128-bit key), dual password, and end-to-end user
authentication. Apart from the accessibility you can also remotely print and
drag and drop the docs from a remote PC. Viewing experience is enhanced as
the remote desktop is shown in 24-bit true color.

GoToMyPC can easily be downloaded from the URL, one
just has to create an account before downloading it. GoToMyPC comes with an
automatic setup; download and setup this software on the computer you want to
access remotely. Once the setup is over, user can go to the site and log in to
his/her account. After the login, one has to enter an access code that was set
during installation of the agent in the machine, this will start a session with
your computer. After completion of session you get the performance report by
click on Session performance option inside help menu on top.

Citrix GoToMyPC allows you to access your
PC in a number of ways. It even includes a chat option
After logging in on website following are
the options available for user, ie, Remote control, File transfer etc

Webx PCNow 3.0
PCNow from Webx features security of data using secure socket layer with128-bit
key for securing sensitive data communication, remote printing, easy copy and
paste, and drag and drop features. Added features of this tool are remote
computer’s screen blanking and keyboard locking which prevents tampering of
remote PC. Mobile access is included in this version of tool.
PCNow can be easily downloaded from the URL by creating
an account using email address. Download and install it on the computer you want
to remotely access. To access this computer from remote locations just log on to
your account, download a browser plug-in and access your desktop.

Laplink Everywhere
Laplink secures data using SSL (128-bit key) and zero footprint technology that
erases all traces of remote access once we log out. Mobile access is supported
and one can access it using PocketPC, Palm OS, and Symbian OS. Using the
interface on the Laplink websites one can choose from remote control that is
similar to accessing your actual desktop, file transfer between remote computer
and the one you are using to access it, remote desktop search that needs google
plugin, and email options that needs configuration at the time of installation,
this tool supports Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express clients. File transfer,
remote desktop search, and email options can be accessed without actually
accessing desktop giving added flexibility and efficiency. Laplink Everywhere
can be downloaded from the URL Once downloaded just run
the setup file. Setup file after installation guides you to create your account
information on Laplink website. To access the remote computer just log in to
your Laplink account on

Here we are showing how one can easily drag
and drop file from accessing computer to remote computer and vice versa.

LogMeIn free
LogMeIn is a leading provider of remote connectivity and support to small
businesses with about 32 million device connected worldwide.LogMeIn is a free
software for remote access of Windows and Mac computers.Security in LogMeIn is
achieved through end to end 128-256-bit encryption,multi-level permission based
access and auto revocation of access rights.

LogMeIn can be accessed from any browser with wireless PDA access included in
free version.

Here is interface of remote computer on left
hand side are various options that one can choose and customise.
Here is client interface that can be used
for chat, joining to a network, creation of new network and conbfiguring
client access.

Installation of this tool is simple: just go to and create
your account, now download software on remote computer (Mac or Windows) and log
visit LogMeIn website and connect. This tool provides options for file sharing
and minimeeting.

LogMeIn Himachi
Himachi enables secure remote access to business networks via Internet. It works
with the existing firewall and reqires no additional configuration. Security is
achieved in Himachi through encryption of messages, authentication using RSA key
pair and administrative options.Himachi system consists of servers and end node
clients. Server node tracks client location and provides services required for
establishing direct peer-to-peer tunnels between node clients. When client
activates it establishes a TCP connection with mediation servers and starts
speaking in Himachi protocol to log and synchronize with other clients.

Installation of clients is easy, just go to and download free
LogMeIn Himachi for Windows, Linux, or OS X. Now install same software on all
the computers you want to access.Once properly installed you would get a LAN
type connection in network Windows.

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