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Airkeyis a wireless, light weight keyboard from Acer. Its layout and feel is verysimilar to a notebook keyboard with soft and thin keys. Unlike the notebookkeyboard, its keys are comfortably spaced out.

When working on Airkey you don’t need a separate mouse asit has a mouse on it, which is convenient to use. The mouse is made up of twoparts. On the top-right side of the keyboard is a circular air pad for movingthe cursor and on the left side are two buttons for right and left click.

Airkey is plug-n-play and doesn’t need any externaldrivers. It has a receiver that has 2 PS/2 connectors for the mouse and thekeyboard that plug into the corresponding ports on the PC. It also comes withconverters for serial and DIN ports. It runs on two AA batteries, which wouldtypically last for about three months. One can take the keyboard to a distanceof 30 feet from the receiver.

On the flip side, the keyboard takes some time getting usedto, due to a different type of mouse and additional keys. There are no lights onthe keyboard to tell the user if the Caps, Num or Scroll lock is on or off.

Sandeep Saxena
in Mumbai

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