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PDF is a popular format for distributing documents on the
Web. To make PDF documents, you need Adobe Acrobat, which is currently in
version 4. The new version has many enhancements and new features–adding
digital signatures for enhanced security, support for multiple languages like
Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, etc. Enhancements like the tool bar and command
bar make for convenient and easy maneuvering.

Adobe Acrobat 4 

PDF document creation software. Rs 14,500
Features: Password protect your PDF documents; create JavaScript-based PDF forms for the Web; put digital signatures for authentication; postscript printing support. 
Pros: Easy to use; works with Windows and Mac OS; drag-n-drop PDF conversion; support for Asian, East European and Middle Eastern languages.
Cons: None.
Source: Adobe Systems
D-107, Sector 2
Noida 201301. 
Tel: 118-8532026, 8531967 
Fax: 8532010 

Working with the new package is pretty easy, and the
extensive help makes it even simpler. You can convert any document, including
Web pages, or forms with JavaScript, to PDF. Acrobat has a JavaScript tool for
editing the script. To create PDF files, you can either open or import a file
from within the application, or simply drag-n-drop a file directly on the
Acrobat icon on your desktop. It can also do batch processing, where it converts
complete document folders at one go. Once you have the PDF document, you can
annotate it, insert post-it notes, etc.

Advanced tools like the Movie tool let you insert a link to a
QuickTime, MOV or AVI file. When you click on the link, the file starts playing
from within the PDF document. The Link tool lets you create hyperlinks and can
also be used to reset or submit created forms in the document.

The right-click mouse menus in Acrobat 4 come in handy for
quickly changing the properties of any document, say the color of an icon, or
the font of text. Inserted objects are also customizable, in that properties
like border width, color, etc, can be changed.

Acrobat uses an advanced search option, that lets you index
all PDF documents on your system. When you do a search after this, all documents
will be queried to find a match. You can put specific or even vague queries, and
various kinds of queries–word specific, phonetic, and even word proximity ones
can be efficiently handled.

We converted various documents to PDF and got some
interesting results. We found that the PDF size for documents like MS Excel or
Word with embedded images remained the same after conversion. However, a JPG
image file balloons up to more than 10 times the size when converted to PDF.
Other graphics formats like GIF, BMP, and PNG didn’t change significantly, and
TIF files were slightly compressed.

The package has many good security features. It lets you sign
your documents digitally, so that the receiving end can verify the document’s
authenticity. Documents can also be password protected with read-only or editing

At Rs 14,500, this feature-rich product is worth a buy.

Ankur Saxena at PCQ Labs

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