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Continuing our review of the new CS4, this month we look at the new features
in Dreamweaver and Premier Pro. Dreamweaver is one of the best HTML editors and
web page creation applications. Anybody can efficiently create and design web
pages or complex web sites very easily with the help of advanced graphical
interface tools and latest techniques. The software not only aids you in web
page creation and editing, but also is a web application builder, FTP client and
website assets manager. It lets you design and develop web sites pretty swiftly.
Editing web pages created with some other HTML editor is also possible in
Dreamweaver and the program makes not distinction as far as providing
functionality is concerned. The Integration provided with Photoshop,
Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash and Contribute is an added advantage with this
application. The pages so created are normally called as a ‘dynamic page’
because the final content is delivered based on requests made by web browsers or
visitors. Dreamweaver develops such ‘dynamic’ pages with support from the MySQL
database, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP.NET and ColdFusion. The ‘assets’ panel can
be accessed from the ‘Window’ menu and lets you manage all assets such as
images, videos, libraries and templates that are used on a Web page. A
Dreamweaver page is a collection of files and assets. After you have created a
web page on a PC and uploaded it to a web server, you can manage this page using
Dreamweaver site management tools like link checker and HTML tag Validator.

Price: Not available
Meant For: COBOL programmers
Key Specs: Debugging options, mainframe emulator
Pros: Graphical user interface, emulator
Cons: None
SMS Buy 130990 to 56677

New features in Dreamweaver
The latest version has lots of new features. The change in interface is
noticeable when the program opens. Though it is not significantly different from
the last version of Dreamweaver, it is more customizable and similar to
Photoshop or InDesign interface. A user can dock palettes to the edge of
interface, dock different palettes together and maximize or minimize palettes as
per his choice. Just hover the mouse over the far right side of the window to
bring the hidden panels on the screen. The same tool can bring property bars,
hidden at the bottom, in full view. The full screen view is a joy for Photoshop
and InDesign users, who are already familiar with such an interface. Now,
Dreamweaver has the same interface as other Adobe products. The new ‘Split Code’
view option under the layer menu opens two code windows or code views. This is
very useful for a large document with lots of code as the change in one view
automatically reflects in the second view. This view can be horizontal or
vertical as per a user’s choice. There is no need to go to the browser each time
the code changes as the ‘Live View’ feature renders the web page and shows the
page, simultaneously. Dreamweaver has also improved Photoshop integration with
itself as well as provides improved compatibility. Just drag and drop a
Photoshop smart object PSD file onto a Dreamweaver page and you shall be able to
do image optimisation, change its size and more. You can convert the PSD file to
JPEG, GIF or PNG by optimizing to make a smaller file but maintaining image

Clicking on the ‘Split Code
View’ shows two code windows in Dreamweaver. This is very useful for a long
document with a lot of coding. Any change applied to one view, automatically
updates to other view at the same time.
Premier Pro can search for
videos that contain the audio of a word. For eg, if you type a word in the
search window, it will show all the video clips where the word has been

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is a real time, timeline-based, high definition video
editing software application. This application works with digital video and
other digital media like scanned images and animation sequences. Premiere Pro
provides a lot of video effects that can be previewed in real time.
Videographers can do complex audio editing through tools such as Audio Mixer.
The latest version has been optimized for a 64-bit operating system and supports
Intel-based Mac as well. The ‘Imports’ function allows a wide variety of video
and audio file formats and codecs on both Mac and Windows. The software’s
integration with Adobe After Effects, an industry standard for motion graphics,
and Photoshop creates powerful videos. You can import After Effects compositions
directly into Premiere Pro and play them directly on the timeline. Any changes
or modifications made in After Effects compositions, reflect immediately in
Premiere Pro. It also allows you to open PSD files directly in Photoshop and the
modifications done within Photoshop are immediately updated in Premiere Pro.
This version allows you to exchange projects with Avid and Final Cut Pro
systems. Users can transfer projects directly from Final Cut Pro to Adobe
Premiere Pro CS4 without any conversions and preserve commonly used effects and
transitions. After completing the project you can export to a DVD or on the Web
through Adobe Encore, because there is dynamic linking between Adobe Premiere
CS4 and adobe Encore CS4.

integration has improved tremendously. Just drag and drop a Photoshop PSD
file onto a Dreamweaver page, create an image smart object and this PSD can
be converted to JPEG, GIF or PNG.

Bottomline: The integration of Dreamweaver with Indesign and Photoshop
means that designers have a one-stop shop for most of their needs. Likewise,
Premier Pro provides a direct compatibility with leading rendering software. So,
the new enhancements provide a much-needed relief.

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