Apple iPad Pro, Air, or Mini: We will Help You Pick Your Perfect Match

The business has opted to simplify the whole iPad lineup and discontinue the 9th generation iPad in addition to these exciting new arrivals.

Preeti Anand
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Find Your Ideal iPad Match

On 7 May, Apple announced upgraded versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, setting the stage for innovation. The business has opted to simplify the whole iPad lineup and discontinue the 9th generation iPad in addition to these exciting new arrivals. This calculated approach gives customers more options while bringing improved features and functionalities to all new models. Before choosing your perfect iPad, consider a few important things if you're considering upgrading or making a first-time buy.


iPads come in three sizes

10th gen Apple iPad

There are now three sizes of iPads available, with the 8.3-inch iPad Mini being the smallest. Despite the 10th generation iPad being just 0.1 inches smaller than the 11-inch iPad Air and iPad Pro variants, it still offers a compact option. For most users, the 10.9-inch or 11-inch devices are the best choices, providing a balance of portability and functionality. The 13-inch Air and Pro variants are ideal for those needing larger screens. The iPad Air, iPad Mini, and 10th generation iPad share similar designs, featuring sleek, modern aesthetics. At the same time, the iPad Pro boasts a distinct design, setting it apart from the rest of the lineup.


The iPad Mini and 10th gen iPad include mobile-class processors.

The A15 CPU powers the iPad Mini, while the A14 Bionic chip powers the regular iPad. These CPUs, which are included in iPhones from the previous generation, are sufficient for daily tasks like web surfing, light gaming, streaming videos, taking notes, and more.

iPad Air Pro equipped with Mac-class processors


However, the iPad Air and iPad Pro include more powerful M2 and state-of-the-art M4 CPUs, allowing additional features like AAA gaming, high-definition video editing, rendering, and more.

Now that you have cleared these things up, here's how to select the best iPad for 2024:

iPad Pro (M4): Ideal for professional users


At its 'Let Loose' presentation, Apple unveiled several cutting-edge innovations, such as the iPad Pro's OLED display and the powerful M4 CPU. Finally, for those who believe the other models are insufficient, there is the iPad Pro (M4) series. The iPad Pro's M4 CPU, OLED screen, thin and light design, and Face ID are all the same for both models. These are the only iPad models with colour-accurate displays and refresh rates of 120 Hz.

iPad Mini: a compact tablet for people who require it

At a starting price of Rs 49,900, the iPad Mini is a terrific option in 2024 if you're looking for a powerful yet small iPad. It is built like a luxury device, has a USB-C connection, and runs the same software as the more costly iPads. Even the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation is compatible with it. For individuals who require a tablet with cellular connectivity, the iPad mini also has 5G connectivity (at an additional cost).


The 10th Gen iPad: Ideal Choice for all

The 10th gen iPad comes in four colour variations. The 10th-generation iPad is a simple choice for anyone searching for a low-cost tablet. It now sells for Rs 34,900 after a recent price reduction. For this amount, you receive an iPad with the same stunning design as the iPad Air and contemporary features like a USB-C connector. Moreover, this is among the first iPads with a landscape-oriented selfie camera. The 10th gen iPad is an excellent option for anyone who needs an iPad for casual usage or for students who take notes with an Apple Pencil (which supports both Gen 1 and USB-C models).

 13-inch iPad Air: For individuals who require a large tablet


The 13-inch iPad Air is the best option if you only care about screen size and require the largest iPad ever made for the least amount of money. It is now just as capable as the iPad Pro from the previous generation, thanks to its M2 chip. It's still a fantastic option, even though it might not have all the features an iPad Pro offers. This iPad Air (starting at Rs 79,900) will feel like an upgrade even if you are moving from an iPad Pro or older model.

A unique nano-textured glass type is available if you detest light reflections; it lessens reflections, fingerprints, and smudges on the screen. These are a little more costly, starting at Rs 99,900 for the 11-inch model and Rs 1,29,900 for the 13-inch model, but they also come with all the features one would anticipate from a high-end tablet.

We hope that these suggestions will help you choose the best iPad. The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models provide features to match your needs, whether you're seeking a streamlined user experience, improved creativity tools, or cutting-edge performance.