How to Download iOS 18 Today: To Update Read This First!

You can download the initial iOS 18 developer beta as soon as you sign up for the Apple Developer program. Later this year, iOS 18 is expected to be released to the general market.

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Update iOS 18 Must-Read First.

During its annual developer conference, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced iOS 18. This major update promises to bring new features and functionalities to iPhones, potentially impacting how users interact with their devices daily. With the most recent iOS version, users can now enjoy new features like a redesigned home screen. This control centre can be customised, locked and hidden apps, satellite SMS messaging, and a wholly revamped Photos app.


You can download the initial iOS 18 developer beta as soon as you sign up for the Apple Developer program. Later this year, iOS 18 is expected to be released to the general market. With this latest version, customers can manage, edit, and organise their photo library with never-before-seen ease and complexity thanks to the most significant photo upgrade ever. Furthermore, iOS 18 brings a customizable Control Centre that lets users customise their quick settings to fit their unique requirements and preferences better. At last, Apple Intelligence made a significant breakthrough by incorporating cutting-edge AI features to improve the user experience throughout the system, including enhanced Siri capabilities and automated suggestions.



Since joining the Apple Developer program has always cost $100 annually, Apple has offered a free tier. With the release of the iOS 17 developer beta last year, you can download any developer beta as long as you have an Apple ID.

Here's how to try out iOS 18 right now.


Reasons to download the iOS 18 developer beta right now.

Developers are meant to test their apps on future iterations of iOS with early developer betas like this one. Additionally, developers can use it to find and report defects, which helps Apple improve the program before making it available to the broader public. The flaws are a significant factor. Thus, you might reconsider downloading your phone's iOS 18 developer beta.



Your phone may become unsteady due to a software problem or other issues. Some of your favourite apps might not work; you might have to cope with unexpected app crashes even if they do. The developer beta could impact your phone's overall performance; it might cause your device to lag, waste its battery more quickly than usual, or even overheat.

Things to consider before downloading the developer beta of iOS 18


Here are some things to be aware of before you begin downloading the iOS 18 developer beta:

  1. A compatible phone is required. iOS 18 is compatible with iPhone models XS and upwards.

  2. Restart your phone. Before updating to a developer beta, updating the most recent general release is advisable. At the moment, iOS 17.5.1 is the most recent version. If you wish to download the iOS 18 developer beta over-the-air, you must at least be running iOS 16.4.

  3. Make a phone backup as well. You will require a backup if you ever revert to iOS 17. Go to Settings > your name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back Up Now to start backing up your phone. It is also possible to go back to your computer.


On your iPhone, install the iOS 18 developer beta over the air.

The most straightforward method is to download and install the iOS 18 developer beta over the air, similar to how you would do for a normal iOS update. However, you may also download the beta manually. After registering for the Apple Developer program, you can download the iOS 18 developer beta from your settings.


The following steps will help you download the iOS 18 developer beta over the air:

1. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone.

2. Afterward, select the iOS 18 Developer Beta option by entering Beta Updates.

3. Lastly, return to the screen and select Download and Install from the newly shown "iOS 18 Developer Beta" option.


*You must wait if you cannot view the iOS 18 beta option.


Wait for the installation update on your iPhone after entering your passcode and accepting the terms and conditions. Depending on your internet connection, ten to fifteen minutes should pass.


You should be using the iOS 18 developer beta after your phone restarts.

Using your Mac, you may also download the iOS 18 developer beta.

You can only utilise the option in the preceding section if your storage is whole since an over-the-air update requires a specific quantity of storage. Thankfully, the iOS 18 developer beta can be updated on your PC.


1. Open this Apple Developer Programme download page on your Mac, search for "iOS 18 beta," click Download restoration Images, and save the iOS beta software restoration image of the iPhone model that fits your device.

2. Link your phone to your PC, click Trust This Computer or enter your device's passcode.

3. Click your device in the sidebar under Locations after opening a Finder window.

4. Holding down the Option key while selecting Check for Update will allow you to choose the iOS 18 beta software restoration image you got from the Apple Developer website.


The iOS 18 developer beta software will start installing on your iPhone. When your phone reboots after a few minutes, you can access iOS 18.



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