Tech Boost for Ahmedabad Auto Manufacturing

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PCQUEST has recently organized a business conference in Ahmedabad for HP Inc. in association with Uneecops and showcased the combined technology of Hardware and Software to help the auto manufacturing industry to accelerate their business growth with the help of technology.

The auto-components industry accounts for almost 7% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs as many as 19 million people. It is believed if auto component makers adopt the right technology and processes, it can easily achieve a growth rate of 26% by 2021.

If we talk about the SMB landscape in India, as per the annual report 2016-17 by Ministry of Micro, Semi, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), here are some statistics:

  • There are 51 million SMB units in India
  • SMBs command
  • 7 Cr. employment which is noteworthy
  • 14 L Cr assets
  • 5% CAGR
  • 496,000 Cr exports
  • They contribute more than 5% to GDP
  • 7% of manufacturing GDP
  • 5% of services GDP

Despite their huge role in India’s economic development, many SMBs lag behind in using technology. Of course, most of you are using great IT tools to do business but there is perhaps further need to embrace tools that will strengthen your market presence. If all Indian SMBs begin to adopt digital technology, imagine the role they can play in transforming India.

There are certain facts that all of us should know. A KPMG report, titled “Impact of internet and digitization on SMBs in India” reveals a huge gap in technology adoption and a mega opportunity:

–              Number of Indian SMBs that are completely offline: 68%

–              Number of Indian SMBs actively promoting their businesses online: 2%

These statistics are alarming, given the rate at which your global peers are adopting digital technology. Indian SMBs can add $1 trillion by 2020 to the Indian economy alone by going digital. While this is a huge opportunity for the SMBs themselves, the service providers who help the SMBs make the transition are set to gain as well.

This event has been organized for Ahmedabad Auto manufacturing on November 15, with HP Inc. and Uneecops and Ahmedabad Manufacturing Association as associate partner for the event.

The event attended by 69 Auto manufacturers and comprised of interesting sessions by Uneecops and HP Inc. on the combined solution of Hardware and Software for the automobile sector. During the event, lucky draw session has been conducted and sponsored by HP Inc. with cool backpacks.

The opening note has been presented by Chetan Kela, Zonal Manager Gujrat, HP Inc.. He addressed the audience using local Gujarati Language and gave the deep insights of Auto manufacturing vertical, in terms of role, growth and future opportunities in Information Technology in the Automobile sector. He gave a deep brief knowledge about the importance of hardware and software in the current scenario.

In the second session of the event, Uneecops showcased their ERP solutions for the Auto Manufacturing industry. Hiranj  Jambudia, Associate Director, Uneecops presented the entire range of ERP software and highlighted the use of the right software and solutions. In his presentation, he explained the how partners can ease their business with using the right software for their business.

HP presented their entire latest commercial laptop and desktop series in the third and final presentation of the event. Mukesh Sharma, Commercial Desktop Category and Girish Suri, Product Manager Business Notebooks, HP India


We have seen that the reception of advances that are particular to the Auto business is high in the Ahmedabad Auto Manufacturing industry. With regards to IT-based advances, the industry, despite the fact that not disinclined to selection, is genuinely subject to local software and hardware vendors to meet their prerequisites. There is an enormous growth for the industry to be more open to the utilization of the combination of Hardware and Software.

Feedback  (HP Inc. and UNEECOPS )

Chetan Kela, Zonal Manager, HP India

We have a successful event today. The partners and customers understood and gave a unique feedback about the importance of the complete package of Hardware and Software and they also understood how it will be beneficial. We are hoping that HP will fulfil all their needs and requirement as per their need.

Mukesh Sharma, Product Manager, Commercial Desktop Category, HP India

This has been a great event in Ahmedabad wherein we been able to showcase the power of ERP software along with the HP range of latest hardware products including laptop and desktops and related accessories. The event was showcased for very specific Automobile segment with the live demo of our products including the software.

The feedback that we got from the audience is very encouraging and everyone was appraising the whole setup here and the content which we were able to translate to auto manufacturing were encouraging. We are really looking forward to doing such kind of event across the country. Apart from the auto manufacturing, we will go down to other verticals across the country and do similar events with the specialized software partner.

Girish Suri, Product Manager Business Notebooks, HP India

It was a really a good event with a good prospective crowd. One thing that we focus in our product portfolio is design, security and collaboration, I think this event was the right collaboration with the right software vendor where the customer will get the one-stop solution of their hardware and software requirement. It was a very goof amalgamation of their complete IT needs hardware and software.




Hiranj  Jambudia, Associate Director, Uneecops

Auto Manufacturing Hirenj Jambudia,

It was a fantastic event today and the objective of the event was to help our customers with the combined package of the right software and hardware and we have achieved that objective. We have given a strong message to our customers that they can get the hardware and software need under one umbrella.

Feedback (Attendees)

Gaurang Shah, President, Ahmedabad Engineering Association

Director, Mouldtech Ferro – Cast Pvt Ltd

Gaurang Shah -Auto Manufacturing

It was an excellent program by PCQUEST and both the Hardware and Software partners. HP has showcased their new technology and new development that was extraordinary. We are delighted to look forward with the combination of ERP software and hardware. As per the cost side, it is little high but finally, it is manageable.

Harshvadhan Shah, Director, R S Lubes and Spares Pvt Ltd

Harshwardhan Shah rgb - Auto Manufacturing

We really like the event so much. Both the sponsors, HP and Uneecops has presented their solution so nicely and we were able to understand their solutions deeply.

Bipin K Sharma rgb - Auto Manufacturing

Bipin K Sharma, Owner, Rakesha Moulding Works

It was a very informative program about the latest technology that is coming and can help us to grow our business. Today, Data Analytics is a major factor in business and everything is based on Data. So we need the technology for our business. What HP and Uneecops have brought as a solution is really important and relevant for the business.

Dinesh B Daga, Chairman & M. Director, Shree Hans Alloys Limited

Dinesh B Dagga rgb - Auto Manufacturing

We have come to see the product and solutions by HP and Uneecops and how they can help us to grow the business, we realized, the cost of the total solution is little high considering the MSME segment. If this can be work out in a positive manner, it would defiantly a good opportunity for the companies as well as MSME segment.  The event was really nicely organized and we congratulate the organizers for this mega event.

Interviews (Attendees)

Kamlesh Patel rgb - Auto Manufacturing

Kamlesh Patel, Director, Grey Nodules Inductocast Pvt Ltd

  1. How can HP and Uneecops solutions help Auto manufacturing vertical?

As we all know, the hardware and software come together with a total solution and that is beneficial for the vendor and for us as well. If we get the complete solution at one place, there will be no excuse whether software or hardware is not working fine and no one can’t blame each other for any failure.

  1. What is role and future of IT in Auto manufacturing in Gujarat?

The role of IT in Auto manufacturing will be increasing day by day and the future of it is very bright as there is a shortage of manpower these days. It causes the real need for Information Technology in our sector.  Also, GST has played the important role of increasing demand for IT in our sector. We need the solution which can reduce the manpower and time with the growth in business.

  1. What is the feedback about this conference?

Honestly, the event was really beyond our expectations. We never thought such kind of event where we will get so much knowledge of Technology, hardware and software to boost our business.

Arshad Patel, Director, Kiru Group

Arshad Patel rgb - Auto Manufacturing
  1. How can this solution help MSME to grow as business perspective?

First of all, I would say the event was really informative and the solution that HP and Uneecops have brought us together is very beneficial for MSME.  MSME cannot afford costly ERP program as this solution is flexible as per the requirement of ERP users. So it’s a complete package of MSME.

  1. How Govt and IT can help Auto manufacturing to grow?

After GST implementation, Government and software companies should work closely together to rectify those software issues in return filing.  This will be a great help for us not to waste so much time on it and focus on business.

Haridas S, Head IT, TATA Motors,

Haridas TATA rgb - Auto Manufacturing
  1. What is your feedback about this conference and how relevant it was for Auto Manufacturers?

The hardware and ERP software session were really relevant and insightful for the Auto Manufacturing. In Term of Technology, we are moving into a world where the Internet is being embedded in all our technology and IOT industry hardware and software.

  1. Auto Manufacturers are not that tech-savvy in Ahemadabad, What is your comment on it?

Nowadays, mobility is coming into the picture on the frontend, so that will be great for those businesses who are not tech-savvy because in the current scenario all people are having the smartphone in hand so mobility would be more forward to get them into Technology picture.

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