How AI-powered Chatbots enable businesses to keep their users engaged round the clock

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Over the phone, it’s easy to tell and particularly annoying to interact with a robot feeding you automated replies, but on the web it enables effortless communication. These chatbots effectively mimic human conversations, thanks to the advancements in AI & ML, and this has led to a widespread acceptance of the tool worldwide, bolstering the first line of communication by businesses, irrespective of their scale or size. Over the years, businesses from across varied sectors have been making effective use of it, because these bots provide them the option to resolve each query of every customer via any platform.


The phrase ‘Customer is the king’ has not been spoken and written about innumerable times for no reason. It is imperative for businesses to value the customers’ time and there is hardly a better way than AI-powered chatbots. When a chatbot is integrated in a customer user interface, it induces the idea of instant connectivity as well as a sense of reassurance, for these offer instant solutions without wasting customer’s time.

An AI-powered bot does not merely take the conversation question by question. As a matter of fact, it identifies conversational patterns and adjusts the flow of the interaction accordingly. Besides, they assure 24x7 and omni-present availability. When integrated with websites, apps and social media platforms, it enables businesses to help a customer reach out through any and every medium without bothering over geographical or time zone concerns.

It is often a hassle to manually scramble through a massive data bank to get the required information about a client or service request in the nick of time. However, integration of such AI-powered chatbots can process user data and history in a matter of seconds, ensuring a personalized experience.


Another boon of an AI-powered chatbot is that with defined algorithms and machine learning, it can be leveraged to engage customers with cross-promotion for relevant products and services. Based on the flow and content of the chat, other allied services or products can be offered to the consumers in the course of the conversation, as per the need.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the chatbots help businesses streamline and optimize their internal resources, including the workforce. There is no need to dedicate support executives to answering simple queries. Only when the conversation is at an advanced stage and it is not in the ambit of the bot to answer the query that it gets routed to a live executive who can provide a resolution. Also, these bots can effectively deal with queries that arise outside of regular service hours.

Recently, when we launched an all-new virtual assistant and conversational AI answer chatbot, we took all the factors into consideration. These virtual assistants could be given unique personalities to align with a business's ethos through in-built features, eventually humanizing the bot to meet business requirements. Using AI & ML, the bots can be trained to deliver relevant information even if a customer query has typos or is written differently. And if that isn't all, the answer bots can pick data from FAQ URLs creating an efficient database. It helps not just in saving time, but enables businesses eye on scalability in an affordable manner.


BY: Mr. Abhinav Girdhar, Founder, Appy Pie, a no-code platform.


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