AI-powered Sales, a Paradigm Shift

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A result-oriented sales team is the driving force and a determining factor for the success of any business. Traditional sales methodologies have paved the way for more advanced techniques thanks to rapid technological adoptions. Digital transformation has further enhanced the sales pipeline with the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

‘One size fits all’ is an oxymoron for something as complex as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The fit of the CRM needs to be aligned with an organization rather than the other way around. It needs to be flexible, adaptable and up-to-date with the ever shifting market dynamics.

The Problem with Sales in 2018

In 2018, the sales force is dissatisfied with the rate at which CRM technology has evolved for its needs. While CRMs have grown into a multi-billion industry, sales professionals are still bogged down by the age-old traditional sales funnels and inaccurate sales forecasting.

A giant burden that all businesses currently bear is the cost of manual data entry to assess their sales operations. CRMs still require sales and marketing teams to enter their tasks onto the platform, no better than an Excel timesheet but with a fancy new UI. These time-consuming tasks take away from the most important job of a sales person – selling, prospecting and bringing in the revenue.

The Solution 

Meet DigiConnectt. A Bengaluru-based startup that was created on the backbone of an extremely successful sales career and understanding of market dynamics. Its flagship product L Connectt is an industry-agnostic one-stop sales solution.

The Founder and CEO of DigiConnectt Prrashanth H. Nagaraj has worked in the sales industry for more than 20 years. He had a steep rise from a door-to-door salesman for manufacturing and financial institutions to heading global corporate sales teams in digital media dealing with clients such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nagaraj has tried in vain to use a variety of CRMs that were supposed to enable him to make sales management easier. “Sales is so dynamic. It depends so much on a sales person’s gut feel, every small interaction with a prospect. No CRM could help me with that,” says Nagaraj, while talking about his years as a sales executive.

He regrets not having the timely knowledge of market dynamics while he managed larger sales operations. “If I just knew about sales performances before the end of the month or the quarter, I could have made decisions at the right time that would have increased profit margins.”

When Nagaraj realised that no application out there could do this, he decided to make one.

L Connectt was born out of an idea to create a one-stop solution to manage and learn from sales.  The now commercially available solution is carving its niche among sales organisations by disrupting the space with an intuitive, technologically-advanced sales relationship management product.

The product brings an all-important element of learning and evolution to the world of sales, supported by artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. Nagaraj has addressed the woes of the sales force globally by developing an extremely flexible and configurable product that tracks, manages, learns and improves an organisation’s sales processes.

The concise and modern architecture of L Connectt is built to suit all businesses, regardless of the size, industry and geography. Businesses no longer need to invest in expensive code-level customisations.

How Does L Connectt Work?

L Connectt bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams by introducing unique new data insights that have been long needed. With analytics such as the Daily Work Pattern Analysis, Productivity Scores and Lead Spend Analysis, businesses suddenly see a data rush. For the first time, their vision is clear and they can see what’s coming next.

These analytics are path breaking and hence L Connectt has filed for 24 unique patents for features that make sales management easier.

This innovative sales solution reduces menial manual entries by about 70 per cent  and at the same time increases a business’s digital footprint by nearly 300 per cent, depending on the CRM you compare it to. L Connectt conducts thorough and validated data-mining to provides near-accurate sales forecasting and customer acquisition and retention costs.

The cutting-edge technology that L Connectt brings to the table is extremely versatile from a smart sales inbox that easily streamlines sales communication to a sales mill that churns out historic leads and gives them the best chance for success. The sales engine behind these decisions, SimpliAI, is a homegrown AI tool that learns from day one and gets smarter with increased usage.

For the first time, sales teams can configure any number of processes for different products, geographies and market segments. With this, the analytics are unique to each business and put the businesses in a comfortable position to make strategic business decisions.

L Connectt is a one-of-a-kind sales management solution, it’s going to make your sales infinitely easier and help you improve performance, productivity and profitability.

How is it different from other CRMs?

CRMs use traditional (and flawed) sales methodologies such as the notorious hot-warm-cold lead categorisation. L Connectt gets rid of these age old concepts and introduces a brand new structure to prioritise leads using AI and deep learning. The quality of leads and prioritisation is based on quantitative metrics that directly impact higher sales revenue.

To bring sales teams up to speed with modern technology, L Connectt introduces latest advancements in cloud technology and detailed analytics by way of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Now, sales teams can be armed with the latest technology to enable smart business development.

Apart from modern technological advances in the sales ecosystem, L Connectt ensures higher adoption of technology. Global analyst reports confirm that 30-50 per cent CRM deployments fail to achieve their objectives due to adoptability and adaptability issues. This results in a waste of efforts and investment. Several businesses– big, small and medium– still continue to maintain timesheets to manually update their sales efforts.

L Connectt seamlessly fits into a business instead of the other way around. With an intuitive mobile app and a highly configurable Admin Console, an implementation with L Connectt ensures that businesses get their bang for the buck. The result? In-depth clarity of the day-to-day sales operations and timely analytics to ensure profitability.

With the introduction of latest technology and affordable license pricing ($19.99/month for their Lite version!), L Connectt is the next best thing that has happened to sales professionals since CRM.

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