AI Speaks – A Call With The Disruptor

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Attributed to: Gaurav Tikoo, CMO, TRANSSION India

With technology disrupting everything that surrounds us, our lifestyles are now empowered to a point where human effort is simplified to a great extent. Be it global communications, businesses across verticals, or simply the pursuit of an appealing area of interest, technology has revolutionized several walks of life to befit the lifestyle requirements of every aspiring individual. Stemming from this vast tree of technology is a rather interesting concept known for further simplifying and reducing human efforts – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While its introduction in various industries has proven to be the beginning of a new chapter, the smartphone industry has adopted AI to deliver the most cutting-edge smartphone features. These include upgraded security measures and better camera capabilities that deliver life-like imaging capabilities under different conditions and settings.

Given the rapid pace at which the industry is deploying and innovating on AI offerings, our smartphones will soon be more intelligent than ever and offer features that will take our smartphone experience to a whole new level. Following are some of the AI-driven smartphone features that will soon make way into the market, and change the way we interact with our devices.

Intelligent Cameras – Embracing The AI Overhaul

AI-enabled smartphone cameras will, move beyond a mere buzzword, and will become a common feature across all smartphone segments except the entry-level. The future of smartphones arguably lies in AI-enabled cameras, which will ensure that users will now enjoy wide-angle, depth-sensing, monochrome, and optical zoom – all in one photo, thereby empowering consumers to click refined, sharp, and incredibly detailed pictures which may make DSLR camera almost redundant.

Additionally, AI-led features like Auto-scene detection and Beauty mode will captivate the attention of our millennial consumers, who love clicking photos that help them capture the best rendition of their favourite moments in today’s world. Further, AI-enabled cameras will ensure that high-quality pictures are delivered even in low lighting. Bringing all these action-packed features into a mid-range mobile phone segment will prove to be a winning strategy.

Does Your Phone Speak ‘AI’ Yet?

Travelling to newer geographies can sometimes bring you multiple lifestyle barriers. However, integrating Artificial Intelligence with smartphones reduces language interpretation from this list. With the help of AI-led features, smartphones will soon be capable of translating different languages in real-time, all without an active internet connection. This revolutionary feature can prove to be an exciting addition to smartphone innovation, seeing that we communicate with content through text, visuals, and speaking in person– definitely an attribute to look out for in the near future.

Delivering Custom Smartphone Experience With AI

With the average user touching their smartphone over 2600 times every day, it is evident that smartphones currently process multiple functions to produce the result as desired by the user. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for assessing these functions and procuring a pattern that best fits an individual’s personalized mobile phone consumption requirements.

This includes efficient RAM and memory allocations, thus decluttering data to deliver a seamless user experience. Additionally, this pattern can include thorough battery management in order for smartphones to deliver optimum results. In fact, smartphone users have been vocal about bringing Artificial Intelligence into the picture for improving battery management.

At this rate, 2019 is expected to witness AI-led battery management features being introduced in the mid-range mobile phone segment and under the 10K segment as well. Soon, this concept of machine perception will enable smartphone sensors to learn, plan, and solve real-time problems for their users.

Let The Assistant Speak!

In an era where voice assistants have become increasingly popular, the constant evolution of AI is indicative of a more interactive dialogue between the users and their smartphones. From something as simple as opening an application to managing your everyday schedule and even ordering groceries on command – voice AI assistants are soon going to take simplified human efforts to a whole new level of convenience. Collectively, these futuristic yet lifelike capabilities of Voice AI will evidently make the lives of all smartphones users a lot easier.

With a gamut of AI-driven innovations rapidly paving their way into smartphones, one can rest assured believing that 2019 will see AI proving its worth as an incredible game changer in the smartphone industry – regardless of the price point. One can even say that 2019 will be the year of AI for all!

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