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Many SMEs in India are still not using social media to their
advantage, even as millions of new Indian users join social media
networks every year. However, this trend is not unique to India,
as a
survey done in the US has found that only one out of every two
businesses has a strong media presence. Many SMEs around the globe
have used social media presence to their advantage, using it to
out to a global audience, generate brand awareness and generate
additional revenue through online product purchases. Here are some
main misconceptions SMEs have about Social Media.

…will not be able to reach our
target audience

This is a common misconception among enterprises. Social media
presence requires a long-term strategy, and results can’t be
immediately. Also, targeting the correct demographics is crucial
achieving tangible results. Businesses will have to perform target
profiling analysis and behavioral analysis to decide on a concise
target audience for their social media targeting.

…difficult to measure the ROI
of Social Media

SMEs decide against a social media presence because they feel
the ROI
is immeasurable. However, there are many tools available now
quantify the ROI of online presence. For example, Facebook’s
manager provides complete details on the demographics of
audience, number of clicks, average time spent and so on.

…don’t have the budget to
invest in Social Media presence

can create a Facebook fan page for free! With a Facebook fan
users can ‘Like’ your page, and this is shared on their news
with their friends. What’s better than getting more visibility
free? Businesses can even run ad campaigns for as little as
USD $10,
targeting demographics that they wish to reach out to.

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Many SMEs do not
realize that the point of social media presence is to build a
community, not to get as many ads in front of users as possible.
users stop ‘Liking’ a enterprise page because they are bombarded
promotional content. Whether it is through Twitter or Facebook,
want to use the medium as a forum in which they can provide
to the company, which could be crucial information for businesses

Facebook profile is more
than enough

While Facebook is
a great avenue to reach out to people, an SME should diversify
social presence through many channels. For example, having a
profile on LinkedIn will be great to generate new business
associations, while a Twitter profile will be a great channel to
communicate with fans of the brand. The more channels used to
build a
social media presence, the better.

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