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AMD launched its Fusion technology-based LIano processor---a contortion of a CPU and a GPU and referred to as an APU (accelerated processing unit). Llano is essentially a quad core processor series for the desktops from AMD fabricated on the 32nm manufacturing process. The AMD Llano processor is compatible with the new socket AMD FM1 and the A75 chipset based motherboards. Each core of the Llano has a private 1MB L2 cache for a total of 4MB per quad-core APU. There is no L3 cache on the Llano. We received the new A8-3850(2.9 GHz) processor which is based on this Fusion technology. The A8 is a quad core CPU and uses a Radeon HD 6550D integrated graphics engine which adds up to 2.9 GHz of computing power. This means the system would give the same performance as a quad core processor at 2.9 GHz and the AMD Radeon 6550D (D for Desktop) graphics card. It's important to note that the power consumption is bound to be lower in this case which is an added benefit.



Rs 7,500 (3-year warranty)

Meant for: notebooks, ultrathin and desktop PCs

Key Specs:2nm manufacturing process, quad core, built in AMD Radeon Graphics unit
Pros:Good performance, combination of CPU and GPU

Cons: None

Contact: Rashi Peripherals, Mumbai
Tel: 9967600095

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The APU delivered extremely outstanding performance on our benchmarks. The processor scored 5490 in 3DMarks 06, which means a more than decent graphics performance, which can be attributed to the built in graphics unit. In PCMark 05, the score was 5066, so it is a brilliant performer when it comes to basic office apps. In CineBench 11.5, the scores were 3.31 points, much more than anything yet received in the personal desktop segment. These scores when compared to Intel core i5-2500 (3.3 GHz) hold the processor in good stead. For benchmark scores for the Intel processor refer to 2011/111070102.asp. The scores for the Intel processor are slightly better but one must note that the Intel processor runs at 3.3 GHz, whereas the AMD processor runs at 2.9 GHz.

Bottomline: The new APU from AMD is sure to be a hit with gamers as most entry level games do not require a separate graphics card anymore.