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A 1U IP-SAN (Internet Protocol Storage Area Network) & NAS (Network Attached Storage) storage appliance built on Intel architecture with StorTrends iTX Data Storage Software, StorTrends 1301i is a storage solution for small offices and SMEs.

StorTrends 1301i offers support for both block and file data transfer over the existing Ethernet network and is a cost-effective, scalable, and easily deployable storage appliance. Combining IP-SAN and NAS functionality into one single platform, StorTrends 1301i comes with 4 hot-swappable drive bays with advanced SATA support, as well as highly distinguishing software features. Powered by Dual-dialect StorTrends iTX software, StorTrends 1301i’s support for iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) enables block applications like Microsoft Exchange and Oracle to be deployed or stored on the same server as the traditional file services and storage. StorTrends 1301i is designed with features for advanced storage management such as High Availability, Advanced Snapshots, Volume Replication, and Failover.

The Volume replication feature of the StorTrends 1301i allows data to be stored on multiple StorTrends appliances at multiple sites, for high availability and disaster recovery in the event of a catastrophe.

StorTrends’ Advanced Snapshot capability features Redirect-on-Write (ROW) technology with near-zero performance degradation when writing or rolling back snapshots. Administrators can schedule up to 1,022 read-write and 1,022 read-only snapshots per volume, and up to 2,048 snapshots per box. A maximum of 64 volumes per appliance is supported.

Asynchronous replication bundles I/Os within snapshots and sends them to the remote server, boosting reducing bandwidth cost. When combined with the revolutionary WAN Data Services (WDS) feature included in the Asynchronous Replication module, the system employs data de-duplication, compression and link optimization to reduce data transmission and bandwidth usage by several factors over conventional replication speeds.

For improved reliability and disaster prevention, the StorTrends 1301i features a redundant power supply, as well as Smart UPS support, which allows the appliance to seamlessly switch over to UPS power in the event of a power failure and initiate a graceful shutdown. StorTrends 1301i has IPMI 2.0 (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) compliance for remote management of the appliance.


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