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Toad is a tool for developers and DBAs who use MySQL database. This Open
Source tool from Quest Software is a utility tool for database developers
providing them with productivity features and functionalities for rapidly
creating and executing queries, automating database object management,
generating reports, developing SQL code and administering the server. The tool
provides all these features to developers through an intuitive GUI to MySQL and
hence limiting the use of console for development.

Installation and configuration
Toad for MySQL can be downloaded from the site or from this month’s DVD. It
requires Microsoft.NET Framework installed as a pre-requisite, otherwise while
installing the setup it prompts for that to be installed. Toad can be installed
on the client machines as well as on the server. Once installed, a configuration
wizard appears, with which the look of interface can be set as a tabbed or an
MDI window, grid style, DB browser style, internal or external help window, etc.
Using Connection Manager we can connect to the MySQL database. As long as the
MySQL instance is configured properly and users have their permissions,
connecting to database is easy. Toad provides several productivity features for
almost every database function. We created a simple database to explore all
features of Toad.

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DB browsing and editing
Toad’s Database Browser lets you view, create, modify, and manage database
objects. From the Database tab of the browser we can create, alter and drop
databases. Creating a database and then its tables is just a walk through. While
creating tables is just a form-based process through which we can add columns,
constraints and also view the tables’ SQL script code. Through this Database
Browser window other database objects like views, procedures, functions,
triggers, users, etc can also be viewed, created, modified and managed. To
create views or procedures use the SQL Editor window. This editor allows
creating, executing, modifying and saving queries, viewing and editing data, and
processing DDL commands from an easy-to-use interface. The auto-completion of
SQL statements and highlighting of syntaxes makes it convenient and faster to
develop SQL queries, triggers and procedures. In the Editor window, the output
for a statement gets displayed in a multi-tabbed Script Results window, with one
grid per SELECT statement. Also while in editor window if you are not able to
locate the cursor, just press the Escape key, a beacon will highlight the

SQL Modeler
This is another productive feature of Toad for MySQL. This modeler can be
used to quickly create the framework of an SQL query using a graphical
interface. Using it, you can select tables and views, join or select columns,
and add conditions to the statement. You can also execute and send the statement
to the Editor, save the model to a file, and print the model.

Reporting tools
MySQL users would be familiar with the Export ResultSet option whereby one
could generate HTML or Excel format based reports of a table or a query result.
Similarly, Toad provides with a feature with which reports can be designed and
generated for any schema, table or a query result. Schema Report Generator
allows generation of HTML reports of selected databases and objects, including
the source code for each object and links that display details for the object
when selected. The report generator can be invoked directly by right clicking on
any database object and selecting Generate Report option, which will initiate
the report generator wizard that will ask for what database objects one needs in
the report and in what type of layout. Similarly, Data Report Designer allows
you to design and distribute live reports that can be used by users to run and
view the latest data.

Use the Scripts tab to get the SQL
code for that object and Data tab for editing the data for a table
Schema Compare shows which database
objects differ and highlights those differences


Customize the report sheet with
various controls and properties settings for each control using Data Report
SQL Modeler lets you create
framework for a query and view its immediate output; it also lets you
rectify errors

Advanced features
Toad provides some advanced database administration tools like Schema
Compare, Data Compare, Session Monitor, and Group Execute. Schema Compare lets
us compare and synchronize database objects of two schemas. Similarly, Data
Compare will let you compare data from indexed tables with the same schema on
different databases (for example, you can compare the Employee table on the
Production database with the Employee table on the Test database). Group Execute
option can be used to execute one or more scripts in the active Editor window
against multiple servers or multiple instances on a server. Whereas Session
Monitor is a utility that can be used to view real-time information, including
the total active and cached threads in your MySQL session.

Toad for MySQL has many other features that are useful for day-to-day tasks
of database development and administration. One such feature is ‘Explain Plan’
which displays the steps a database uses to execute an SQL statement. The
results of the Explain Plan show the order the database uses to search or join
tables, and the names of indexes used. You can also import and export the
scripts for SQL through an easy to use wizard. Another helpful feature is
Knowledge Xpert, which provides helpful background information, best practices,
and examples needed to write optimized code for your database. The Auto-Commit
function, if enabled, will automatically commit the changes done to a database
object. The Rollback function can also be used to revert the committed changes.
With version 3 of Toad for MySQL scheduled for release this July, expect more
enhanced features and functionalities.

Toad is a a powerful feature-rich GUI based tool for database developers and
DBAs that provides them with convenient and productive utilities for MySQL

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