Android Games Under 100 MB That You Should Try Today

There are multiple android games available out there. These games under 100MB are fun to play and can be enjoyed on any device.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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Android gaming is a new thing for a lot of people. There is a misconception that games need to be big in size to be engaging and interesting. The games mentioned in this article are playable on any device. You do not need to have a flagship smartphone to play these games. All the games are very fun to play and users should try them at least once.


Battle Racing Stars

It is a multiplayer game that can be enjoyed with your friends, but also comes with a single-player mode. This is a highly addictive game. Some of the fun parts of the game are free multiplayer races that can be enjoyed with friends and family. There are also quick games that you can play on the go. You can also customize your own avatar to add a personal touch to the game. The game is not very difficult to learn, and you will get good at it pretty soon. The size of the game is 85 MB.

Mad Gunz


This game is not really under 100 MB, but this is a really exciting game. Battleroyale games are getting extremely popular nowadays, but games like Call of Duty: Mobile and BGMI are more than 1 GB, but this game is only 115 MB in size. The graphics are good for the size of the game. The concept and game mechanics are very similar to CoDm and BGMI, but it is much smaller in size. The controls are easy and the battles in the game are dynamic. You should definitely give this game a try. Even a smartphone worth INR 5K can handle this game without lagging.

Flaming Core

This game is based on Physics, but you do not need to be extremely good in the subject. The story of the game is that you have been hacked. You have to hack all the systems back, to avoid getting killed. All of these need to be done with the help of the concepts of Physics. The players get to enter a world of hackers and control their core to defeat enemies and get to the end. There are 160 levels in the game with different enemies and traps.


Sup Multiplayer Racing

As the name suggests, this is multiplayer racing. This game looks and feels very Indie. However, the game being multiplayer plays a major role. This makes the game very exciting as you can play with your family and friends. The graphics of the game are also very good. This game is 96 MB and would not take much space in your phone but keep you entertained for long.

Hellrider 3

This is an arcade game where you are on your bike. You have to avoid the obstacles and win the race you are a part of. You can also collect health and equipment for going ahead in the race. There are many characters and daily missions, making the game even more fun. The game is only 84 MB big in size. People who are fond of bikes and like controlling them can definitely try this game.