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Carrara 6 is a 3D application
package designed for creative artists and film makers to create 3D modeling,
texturing, rendering and animating them.

Carrara is a DAZ product, so you can use DAZ 3D models like Victoria, Michael,
Aiko, Millennium Dragon, etc. Some of its features include, polygonal modeling,
landscaping, vegetation, texturing and photo realistic or non photo realistic

However, you can also give a new look and feel to the already exciting
animation, landscape, modeling and rendering with its various features like
illustration. Here are some samples of all that you can do with this

For installing Carrara application, your system needs 512 Mb RAM and 700 Mhz
speed for Macintosh. For Windows, you need Pentium III Processor, 700 Mhz speed
and 512 MB RAM.

Direct Hit!

Applies To: 3D artists, game developers,
Price: $249
USP: Robust, advanced, memory
optimization and easy to use
Primary Link:
Google Keyword: Carrara

Using the Puppet tool you can stretch images to create an animated or motion
character. Let’s check how this tool can be used through the following
screenshots that show you the sequence of creating smoke in motion (in yellow
color to increase visibility):

Create a new file, click on ‘Scene Size’, select size and then click on
‘Empty Scene’. The size of the Scene affects the camera speed and rendering
Select the ‘Vertex Object’ icon or go to >Insert >Vertex Object and
click on the workplace. You can see the above Window. Now you are in a
modeling room


From the ‘Shape Drop Down’ list, select Cone and place to the workplace.
Decrease the polygon count by pressing +/- or change the Object Definition
Straighten the Cone and select the mid-row lines with ‘Move’ tool. Pick
up the Scale tool and drag the selected row outward. Apply the same
procedure to the top-row also


Click on ‘Move’ tool and select any extruded polygon. Change to side
view for better visibility. Press ‘Shift’ key and select the alternative
polygons of the same row
Now, you are going to play with the ‘Extrusion’ tool. Change to top view
and select the ‘Dynamic Extrusion’ tool. Click on any selected polygon and
drag outwards


You have to reduce the thickness of the extruded area. Bring the Cone
straight and pick the ‘Scale’ tool from the tool box. Select the extruded
area and drag it down little bit
Go back to ‘Dynamic Extrusion’ tool; drag outwards the selected polygon
little more. If you aren’t happy with the shape, repeat the same procedure


Make the ‘Soft Set’ box on and select the any extruded area. Pick the
rotate tool; rotate the selected area. Repeat the same procedure to shape
all other extruded areas
Finally, select all objects and apply ‘Smooth’ for subdivision. Change
the modeling value to 2 and render value to 4. Pick up the ‘Texture’ tool
and apply your desired texture

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