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Designers of all levels can now create professional-looking 3D animated
graphics with Effect3D Studio software. To make a running animation you can
select clips, duration, frames, and the delay of the frames from the composer

Effect3D Studio includes a real-time 3D preview window that enables you to
adjust your image and can bring the results in real time. Effect3D Studio
includes a gallery that has a plethora of 3D objects, background images,
animation examples, photorealistic and non-photorealistic rendering style
effects and lighting effects. Open these images and manually adjust various
settings and parameters to achieve your desired effect. You can even import your
photos and graphics, and these images can be used as background or as a 3D
object. Here we will show you how to animate a knot using the software.

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Applies To:
Designers, 3D artists & animators
Price: $99.95
USP: Learn to animate in a day
Primary Link:
Google Keyword: Effect3D studio


First, to select a background click on the
Select Background tool, which shows you the background gallery. Choose
BG_C13 background and click on Apply Background
Click Select Object tool, which brings lots
of 3D objects in different categories. Select the Knot3D object from the
Basic category and make the size to 256×256


For making the object more appealing, give
some light effects to the Knot3D image. Click Lighting Effect tool and
select Standard Light category. Choose Light 16 from the list
Click the Animation Effect tool, for
applying animation effect to the Knot3D object, and select Simple Movement
category. From the category, choose Roll zx movement


Select the Export File tool and choose GIF
format. Make anti-aliasing option ‘Best’ for high-quality rendering. Click
Export Image File and give a file name, say 1
Click the Rendering Effect button which will
show you the different rendering effects. From the window, select Wireframe
rendering style and press Apply button to update the changes to the project


Go to Image Effects tool and select the Tone
image processing style. Make the Tone background brightness 60. Click Export
Image File and give a file name, say 2
Press Animation Composer & click Add Clip. A
window for selection shows files 1 & 2 (Figs. 5 & 7). Click & add files
twice to animation list. During this process transition files also get
created automatically


We get 4 clips and 3 transition files in the
animation composer list. Highlight Clip1 and Clip2 from the Animation List
and set the end frame 20. Highlight Clip3 and Clip4 and set the start frame
21. Select Tran1 and Tran3 and change the length settings to 20 and Delay
0.1. Make the transition mode Dissolve. Click the play button that will show
you 40 frames animation

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