APC Back UPS 400

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This 400 VA model has four power outlets–a nice

touch. Otherwise, the performance of this unit is below the mark. The front panel is

simple enough with two toggle switches for on-off and testing. On the back side are four

dip switches for alarms and other settings and an RS 232 port for software regulation.




A mid-sized 400 VA offline UPS with

four power outlets, and dip switches for settings. Good performance and efficiency, but

low regulation for Indian conditions. Optional software control (not tested). Rs 11,700. Ranking:

15 (of 17 tested) Efficiency: 95% at 174 W Switchover time: 6.2 ms Backup

: 9 minutes

What really let this model down is its lack of

regulation on the higher side. Its maximum output voltage and minimum switchover voltage

were way outside limits. It was also not able to cold-start a 250 VA load, in spite of its

400 VA rating.

The Back UPS 400 registered an impressive 95 percent

efficiency, but at 174 watts.


This UPS is useful where you have a regulated mains supply,

and where you need effective software shutdown, such as with network servers. On the

whole, not optimized enough for average Indian conditions.


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