APC Back-UPS Pro 650

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The Back-UPS Pro 650 is a sleek line

interactive UPS, which performed well in our tests. It has an operating voltage range of

159-283 V, which is good for Indian line conditions where wide voltage variations are the

norm. The UPS has good AVR (automatic voltage regulation) too, which keeps the output

voltages between 208 to 252 V.


color="#FFFFFF">APC Back-UPS Pro 650


line-interactive UPS. Rs 14,560

Features: Built in AVR, UPS monitoring software, telephone line protection, single
internal 12 V battery.

Pros: Compact, good backup and input voltage regulation.

Cons: Expensive.

Source: American Power Conversion,  5A Century Plaza, 560 Anna Salai, Chennai
600018 Tel: 44-4331124 Fax: 4341464

The switchover characteristics of the

UPS are very good. It switches to battery in less than 4 ms, and provides adequate voltage

during this period to make it a safe switchover.

We tested the backup capability of the UPS

with different loads. It gave a whopping backup of 53 minutes to a single Pentium 133 with

a 14" monitor. It gave a backup time of 11 minutes to a load of two Pentiums and one

PII machine with 14" monitors. This is approximately 50 percent of its rated load. On

80 percent of its rated load, it gave a backup of 6 minutes. This is enough time for a

safe shutdown.


We also tested the UPS against frequency

variations when power is supplied through a generator. It can tolerate frequency

variations of +/-5% of 50Hz, which is just about good enough.

The UPS’s float voltage (the voltage

across the battery terminals when the battery is fully charged) is high at 2.32 V. The

ideal value should be between 2.25 to 2.29. Any value above or below this eats into

battery life. The UPS has a single battery that can be easily removed for replacement.

It’s also programmed to do a self-test when it’s turned on to warn you of a weak

battery. This is indicated by an LED on the front panel. There are three other LEDs to

indicate overload, online, and switchover to battery.

Besides these the UPS has telephone line

protection ports which protects it from spikes and surges, when modem is connected to your

PC. There’s also a separate port with surge protection, which doesn’t give any

battery backup. This can be used for connecting less critical peripherals like laser

printers that don’t really need backup. There’s also a push-button recovery

circuit breaker, which saves you from the hassle of changing fuses. The UPS comes with

good power management software for automatic and scheduled shutdowns.

The UPS’s price makes it unsuitable

for one-PC use. It’s good for small workgroups consisting of three or four machines,

output then being enough to just save the work and shut down.

The UPS comes with 2-year warranty. Though

it’s good in performance, it’s priced a bit high (the price given excludes tax

also). If the software was made optional, and the price reduced, this would be a great