Data Mining Leak: Apex Legends crossplay might be in the works

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Crossplay is the next big trend in the world of gaming. Currently, it is mainly being pursued by Battle Royale games, most notably Fortnite. Even though the technology has been available for a while, it was Sony who wasn’t too keen on enabling this feature on its platform because they did not want to lose the lead on Xbox. But they had to give in to the demands of gamers to allow crossplay in Fortnite. Now, a lot of games are following the trend, including Call of Duty’s new Modern Warfare, which will have crossplay on launch. But there is also another game which might soon have crossplay. A new leak reveals that Apex Legends crossplay might be in the works.

Data Miner ThatM1nerGuy yesterday posted screenshots of his work. He says that Apex Legends is using some kind of software called ‘Nucleus’ to handle crossplay. He also says that EA might be standardizing player identification across all platforms. Which means a players’ progression will be the same on different platforms. Not many games and developers currently offer that feature. Even Warframe offers migration from PC to Nintendo Switch only once.

Currently, Respawn has made no public disclosure about their plans for Apex Legends crossplay, and like ThatM1nerGuy, I doubt they will release it anytime soon. Apex Legends was not originally built with crossplay in mind. But with competing games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare using the crossplay feature, Respawn might be hard-pressed to implement it in their game as well, especially due to the dwindling numbers. But implementing it will take a while. It is safe to assume that if it does happen, it will happen over a course of time with various changes and updates to balance and optimise the game for crossplay.

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