Apex Legends Season 3: Everything we know

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The Season 3 of Apex Legends is about to release in a couple of hours on 2nd October, 12.30 am IST to be exact. Here are the new changes coming to the game in Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown- 

New Legend 

As most of you already know, Crypto will be the latest addition coming to the game. This gadget based hero will have two drone skills and a passive, as you can see here. 

New Map 

World’s Edge will be the new map in Apex Legends Season 3. This will be the first new map the game will be getting and has a theme of fire and ice. It will be on an entirely different planet called Psamanthe. 

New Weapon 

The Charge Rifle will be the new addition to Apex Legends’ already diverse collection of weapons. It will work like the alt fire of the Havoc Rifle, but much better.

Charge RifleRespawn


New Ranked Season 

The new ranked season will arrive with the new season. This will have certain changes, and certain changes will remain the same. Leavers will also be punished. You can read more details about the new Ranked Season here. 

A Reddit user u/RotomGuy posted a detailed patch note collected from various sources on the Apex Legends subreddit. Here it is in full: 

Charge Rifle 

  • Energy sniper, takes Extended Energy Mag, Scope and Sniper Stock as attachments 
  • Works similarly to alt-fire Havoc, except consumes 1 ammo per shot, deals much more damage, and… 
  • The initial targeting laser deals small damage before the powerful hit. Up to 75 damage per shot (body) 


  • Disruptor Rounds removed 
  • Skullpiercer Rifling removed 
  • Double Tap: Fires 2 shots in rapid succession with every trigger pull. For the G7 Scout and the Eva-8 Shotgun. (Purple) 
  • Anvil Reciever: Makes semi auto shots do more damage, with a slower rate of fire and uses two ammo. For the R-301 and VK47-Flatline. (Gold) 

Legend Changes (not 100% confirmed) 

  • Pathfinder’s grapple has been altered. The grapple itself moves slower and the delay before Pathfinder moves toward it is longer. (it’s only very slight, but will require relearning of timing) 
  • Characters inside Gibraltar’s Dome Shield have reduced ability cooldown time. 
  • Gibraltar and Bangalore’s Ultimate damage incrased 
  • Bloodhound’s Ultimate duration increased 

Item Changes 

  • Golden Backpack perk changed to Guardian Angel: Revived allies have increased shields and health when you revive them (50 shields and 70 health on revive) 
  • Golden Body Shield takes the old Fast Use perk from the backpack 

Gun Changes 

  • Longbow fire rate reverted to pre-S2 buff 
  • Longbow and Wingman base headshot damage adjusted to around Skullpiercer level 
  • R99 Level 3 magazine sized reduced from 30 to 27 
  • L-Star has a new optic for clearer aiming, as well as increased projectile size 
  • All-around shotgun buff, projectile size is larger 


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