Apex Legends Season 8 Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners Players

We have made an Apex Legends Season 8 Game Guide that will tell you about some amazing tips and tricks. Learn how you can win in Season 8.

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If you have played Apex Legends before then you know that calling it difficult doesn't even begin to cover it. Most of the new players who leave the game do it mostly because they are unaware of the in-game mechanics. Learning those mechanics will take time and practice but what can also help is knowing some tips and tricks. Apex Legends is a game that is very fast-paced for many players who are coming from games like PUBG or Fortnite, so it may seem daunting at first. That is precisely why we have made an Apex Legends Game Guide that will tell you about some amazing tips and tricks. Most of these tips are focused towards beginners, but they might even help those who are still trying to find their way to the top ranks.


Apex Legends Season 8 Tips, Tricks, Guide:


You can use zip lines to bounce yourself up onto objects if you don't want to climb a building. If there's a zip line right next to it you can just bounce off of the zip line. If you look upwards to interact with the zip line and then jump immediately after, it'll launch you up into the sky. So if you do that next to a building you can just zipline bounce up onto the building instead of having to climb. This honestly is a really effective way to start a fight with someone without having to climb on top of them and let them get easy shots on you.



If you didn't already know Flatline VK-47 in Apex Legends has a difficult recoil pattern to control. If you have a good trigger finger you can set it to single fire, and it will be easier to aim. The recoil pattern is basically a straight line that goes up. So all you have to do is pull down the crosshair every time and maintain it on the target. Use Aim labs to get a better aim sense.

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If you accidentally fall off the map as Pathfinder, but you can get to a wall as soon as possible you can kick the wall and climb up. If you continue to kick the wall after your climb runs out it'll reset your climb and so you can climb up one more time. Then you just kick it again and climb up again and by that time your grapple should be up as long as you didn't have it on a super long cooldown.



For some reason in this game a 1x optic is not a true one to one sensitivity based on your sensitivity in-game. It's actually slightly lower. If you do a 360 no scope without a 1x optic and then with one then you will also notice the difference. Ideally what is supposed to happen is that with or without the scope the crosshair should rotate and stop at the same spot. In Apex Legends the crosshair with the 1x scope stops just a few spaces before the crosshair without the 1x scope. To counter this you need to go into in-game settings and change the ADS sensitivity to 1.3. This will identically mimic your sense and make it easier for you to aim.

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You can actually throw a grenade through a door in Apex Legends. There's a lot of times in this game where you have door standoffs. You will be standing in front of the door and the enemy is standing in front of the door. Now no one can actually move. Well, if you take a frag grenade or arc stars you can throw it at the bottom corner of the door. All you have to do is aim the grenade at the bottom of the door then cook it back. If you see an indicator on the door that means it's going to fall on your side. As soon as that indicator goes away then you can throw the grenade, and it'll go on the opposite side of the door. This is a really great way to screw with your opponent and make him think that they have the advantage when they don't.

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