Apple AR/VR Headset Will Run a New Operating System (RealityOS): Specs, Price and Features

Apple VR Headset will run a unique operating system which is known as Dubbed RealityOS.

Neha Joshi
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There are a lot of rumors about the upcoming Apple AR/VR Headset in the market, but the recent job listings by Apple have revealed some more details about the upcoming product. This headset is not due to arrive until 2023, but it has created waves in the existing AR/VR headset market.


Pricing and Features

According to Bloomberg, Apple Inc’s Next Generation Mixed Reality Headset is likely to be priced between $2000- $3000, as it is being targeted as a niche product in the market. The high cost can be attributed to various features associated with the AR/VR Headset. These features are its high- powered Mac- Level M2- Chip, presence of 10 cameras inside and outside the headset device, and a provision of highest-resolution display as compared to what is presently available in the existing Headset market.

Specifications of the Operating System


Apple VR Headset will run a unique operating system which is known as Dubbed RealityOS. The best part of this operating system is that it will feature a mixed reality form of different Apple apps like Messaging, Face Time and Maps. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple has been working on the new operating system for the headset since the year 2017. He also says that Apple is planning to name the brand as “Reality Pro” or “Reality One”.

Features of the Headset that have Been Revealed Through Various Job Listings



Apple is working in the direction of increasing the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the device by empowering it with content. Apple is looking for a software producer who can create digital content for the headset.

App Intents

The company is also looking at hiring engineers with an experience of working on developmental tools that will focus on development in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The headset will use App intents. It is a feature which allows the apps to make use of features like SIRI and Shortcuts.


3D Mixed Reality World

Metaverse is one domain where every modern organization of today wishes to make a presence. Apple is also looking at creating a 3D Mixed- Reality World, which involves creating a virtual environment like ‘Metaverse’. Mark Gurman describes the MR headset as “an all-encompassing 3D environment”. The headset will focus on providing immersive gaming experience, communication and media consumption.

Existing Features Included in the Headset



According to messages available on the core apps will also be available on AR/VR headset. Apple is working on creating a whole new experience in terms of messaging.



Communication feature, Facetime will be available on the new AR/VR headset, and it will also include present features like SharePlay and Memojis/Animojis. The wearer would be capable of watching movies and TV shows together and can make use of Memojis and Animojis to create their virtual avatars in the immersive world.

Maps and Games

The new VR/MR headset will have similar features like the existing games and map feature in iphone, Apple TV and ipad games. The AR/VR headset will support a wide range of games for the wearer.

The new upcoming AR/VR headset is a mixed bag of various interesting features according to rumors. So, wait and watch and keep looking for more information on this new upcoming AR/VR headset, till it finally makes a smooth landing in the market.