Apple Brings the Heat with the All-New iPadOS 14 Introduced in the WWDC Live Event

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The live WWDC 2020 brought the world face to face with the all-new iOS 14 with some huge changes in the overall OS. Apple has also brought new updates for their iPads with the All-New iPadOS 14. The iPad is the only tablet computer in the market without any real competition. There is no product right now that offers the amount of processing power and functionality that the iPad offers. So it was a pleasant sight to see that the only tablet computer in the world getting the attention it deserves. 

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The new iPadOS 14 updates for iPads didn’t bring anything that was groundbreaking but instead focused on improving the overall user experience. 

  • Scribble

Users of the iPad love that Apple pencil and the functionality of it. Apple realizes that and now has brought a feature that will let users take that pencil using to a whole new level. The new update called scribble will let users write with the Apple pencil anywhere and the scribble tech will automatically covert the handwriting into typed text. This scribble update is huge as it takes the handwritten text by the Apple pencil and streamlines it completely. It also recognizes hand-drawn objects shapes and makes them look more streamlined if the users want it to. The scribble tech is so futuristic that it even recognizes if there is a phone number or an address written in the note and users can just tap on the phone number and the address to call or find the location without needing to type at all. Scribble takes away the need to type on the iPad completely. 


  • All-new SideBar

Another new addition to the iPadOS 14 is the addition of the sidebar. For a long time, Apple has wanted the iPad to be seen as a proper laptop replacement and they are inching closer to that vision update by update. The Sidebar in the All-New iPadOS 14 takes advantage of that massive visual real estate that the iPad has to offer. By using the sidebar users will be able to take full advantage of all that an app has to offer at a single tap. The sidebar is something so common on a full-fledged PC OS like macOS or Windows that we take it for granted but now with the new iPadOS 14 update users will get the full functionality of the sidebar on the iPad as well. The sidebar update has single-handedly made the iPad a machine that nothing will ever be able to compete against. 


  • New Universal Search

Remember using the search on the iPad to find something on the internet. Me neither. That was mostly because using the search in the previous iPadOS meant that all you would see on that huge massive display was the search bar with the background getting blurred. Apple understood that and went back to the drawing table to come up with something called the universal search. Apple didn’t update the search. They deleted it and replaced it with universal search in the iPadOS 14. Now users can actually use the search options without getting that pesky blur and they can actually use it anywhere on the iPad. Not only that but the universal search can even be used to find contacts or files in the iPad itself. This is so useful for people who actually use the iPad for work.

There are many other features that the iPadOS 14 gets like the widget support just like the iOS 14. The music app for the iPad has also been updated to take advantage of the huge screen real estate. Siri in the iPadOS 14 also got the same update that the iOS 14 got.  

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