Apple Event 2023: iPhone 15 is here; Apple Watch Ultra 2 & Watch 9 Also Launched

The iPhone 15 series, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and the Apple Watch Series 9 are part of Apple's most recent lineup, which was unveiled at the event today

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Apple Event 2023 iPhone 15 is here Apple Watch Ultra 2 Watch 9 also launched

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, gave a keynote address to kick off the much-awaited iPhone 15 unveiling. At the Steve Jobs Theater, the enormous screen shouts "Wonderlust." During the opening of the event, people whose lives had been saved by the cutting-edge capabilities of the Apple Watch read portions of their testimonies. Tim Cook extends a warm greeting to everyone for the introduction of the brand-new Apple Watch and iPhone while panning into the Steve Jobs Theater.


Apple Event 2023: Highlights

The iPhone 15 series, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and the Apple Watch Series 9 are part of Apple's most recent lineup, which was formally unveiled. The new S9 processor, which Apple claims is 60% quicker than the previous S8, and a 30% faster GPU are among the notable upgrades in the Apple Watch Series 9.

The iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and Apple Watch Series 9 were among the products that Apple introduced in its most recent lineup. The iPhone 15 has a Super Retina XDR display and an A16 Bionic CPU, whilst the Series 9 has a speedier S9 chip. A17 Pro CPU and titanium structure are new features of the iPhone 15 Pro.


Apple plans to go green

Apple collaborates with Nike without leather. Apple collaborates with Nike to prepare watch bands. The company no longer uses leather in its products, including watches. Apple also plans to have a carbon dioxide product by 2030. It uses recycled metal within the 9-watch series. Apple also claims to engineer several forests and restore mangroves.

Introducing the iPhone 15 series


In addition, the iPhone 15 series with a Super Retina XDR screen and A16 Bionic chip was presented. It comes in two sizes, with a new contoured edge design and vibrant color options. The advanced camera system offers 48-megapixel capability, automatic portrait mode, and 4K recording mode. The iPhone 15 Pro has a titanium build, gaming software features, and a more repairable design.

It also has the A17 Pro chip and a professional-grade multi-lens camera system. Additionally, Apple is introducing a USB-C connector for the iPhone. Starting prices for these products range from $399 for the Apple Watch Series 9 to $999 for the iPhone 15 Pro. 

Apple Event 2023: Apple Watch 9 series


The next generation of Apple Watch is here and the Apple Watch Series 9 includes the new S9 SiP chip, 60% more transistors, and is 30 years older than the Series 8. The Apple Watch Series 9 always includes an edge-to-edge function. Even 2000 nits on a retina screen, 2x 8 series brightness that can go down to 1 nit for use in cinemas or at night. 

The new Watch Series 9 comes with a double-tap gesture control feature that Apple enthusiasts can celebrate as the tech giant introduces an exciting new feature for this Apple Watch Series 9. 

Packaging and design


The packaging of the Apple Watch Series 9 has been redesigned and is now made entirely of fiber-based materials with a more elegant and space-saving design. According to Apple, this change enables a significant increase in the number of watches sent per trip - up to 25% more - thanks to the use of environmentally friendly shipping methods such as ocean shipping.

In a major environmental step, the carbon footprint of the Apple Watch Series 9 has been reduced by 78 percent, the tech giant claims. In addition, all remaining carbon dioxide emissions are offset by carbon dioxide units, making the product's carbon footprint zero. 

Apple Watch Ultra 2


The Apple Watch Ultra 2 also launched, and the upcoming S9 chip will debut on the Ultra 2, introducing exciting features like Double Tap, on-screen Siri integration, and Ultra-Wideband technology. The Ultra 2 supports an impressive 3000-nit screen. It offers the same 36 hours of battery life, which Apple says can be further extended using low-power mode like its predecessor.

Apple Watch Ultra and Watch Series 9 prices

The Apple Watch Ultra starts at $799, while the new Apple Watch Series 9 model is priced at $399.


Apple Event 2023: iPhone 15 series

Apple announced the new iPhone 15, which includes Dynamic Island technology from the company's previous generation Pro models. According to Apple, the maximum brightness of the phone's screen is 2000 nits. The iPhone 15 has a 6.1-inch screen, while the iPhone 15 Plus has a 6.7-inch panel. 

iPhone 15 Specifications

Camera: According to the company, the iPhone 15 is equipped with a 48-megapixel primary sensor, and the phone is equipped with a new 2x telephoto zoom. It also brings an improved portrait mode with an improved bokeh mode that uses machine learning to automatically turn on portrait mode when you click photos of people and animals.

Connectivity: Apple also says the satellite connection service will be updated with AAA integration in the US, with universal service coming to several countries this year. It also has a second-generation ultra-wideband (UWB) chip. Apple says you can also use it to find friends in a crowd.

The iPhone 15 is equipped with Apple's A16 Bionic chip

Apple says the new iPhone 15 is equipped with the A16 Bionic chip that was introduced last year in the iPhone 14 Pro. This is now par for the course in Apple smartphones, and we can expect a more powerful chip in this year's Pro models.

Apple introduced a USB Type-C port with the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is the first iPhone that has a USB Type-C port. Apple says USB Type-C has become universal, and it's true. Apparently, it was the last smartphone manufacturer to ship smartphones with a 10-year-old Lightning port. 

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus prices

According to Apple, the iPhone 15 starts at $799 in the US, while the base iPhone 15 Plus costs $899.

Apple Event 2023: iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro announced with a titanium body

The iPhone 15 Pro is here with a grade 5 titanium body - the same material used in NASA's Mars rover - and a 6.1-inch screen, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a larger 6.7-inch screen. According to Apple, the devices are lighter thanks to the stainless steel switch.

What are the biggest upgrades in the iPhone 15 Pro series? 

iPhone 15 Pro action button

The iconic mute switch has been ditched for Apple's new "Action" button, which can be used to toggle silent or play mode, but can be programmed to perform other tasks, such as quickly starting an audio recording. 

New A17 Pro chip debuts in iPhone Pro, faster USB performance

According to Apple, the new A17 Pro is equipped with a new architecture that supports 35 trillion operations per second, as well as improved GPU performance with support for fast-tracking. According to Apple, the phone is also equipped with a USB 3-capable USB controller with a transfer speed of up to 10 gigabits.

iPhone 15 Pro Max improved 5x telephoto camera

The new iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with an improved 48-megapixel primary camera with support for 24mm, 28mm, and 38 mm lens modes. It has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 12-megapixel 3x telephoto camera, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 5x telephoto camera with a 120mm focal length powered by a periscope camera setup.

iPhone 15 Pro can capture Spatial Video for the Apple Vision Pro headset

The new cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro are capable of capturing advanced high-resolution videos that can be played on Apple's first spatial computer, the Vision Pro that will go on sale in select markets next year.

iPhone 15 series Pricing

Apple has announced pricing for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Just like last year, the iPhone 15 Pro will be sold at a starting price of $999, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max will start at a higher price point of $1,199 - presumably due to the new periscope camera setup. Here's the pricing for all smartphones.

What is the iPhone 15 Pro price in India?

iPhone 15 Pro India price would be Rs 1,34,900 whereas iPhone 15 Pro Max India price will be Rs 1,59,900. The iPhone preorder starts Friday, September 15, available on September 22.


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