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With the iMac getting an aluminum body last year, the desktop system just
became more drool-worthy. The current generation of iMac comes with a faster
Core2Duo processor with two variants in terms of display size. We got our hands
on both variants and tested with X-bench and Geekbench benchmarks. The iMacs
still have no competition when it comes to the bright LED backlit displays. 
Last year, when we reviewed the 20-inch iMac we wished that Apple would make the
keyboard and mouse wireless. With the 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac desktops, Apple
has included a wireless keyboard and the wireless magic mouse. The keyboard has
the same aluminum body as the iMac and looks absolutely gorgeous. Both the
accessories connect via Bluetooth and work seamlessly. The desktop comes
preloaded with Snow Leopard OS and iLife 09 suite.

Price: Rs 8,900 (3-year warranty)
Meant for: Enterprises
Contact: Rashi Peripherals
Telephone: 022-40470811
Email: response@rptech
SMS Buy 130482 to 56677

The 21.5-inch iMac that we got was running on an Intel Core2Duo E7600
processor at 3.06GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM at 1067MHz, NVIDIA Geforce 9400M graphics
with 256MB of dedicated memory and 500GB hard drive. In the X-bench test it
scored 168.71 points and in Geekbench we got a score of 4286. The X-bench score
has improved by over 20 points compared to the 20-inch iMac from the previous
generation. The average score on the X-bench website for Intel Core2 iMac
desktop is 138.33, whereas for Geekbench the average score is 4212. Clearly, the
21.5-inch iMac is better than its previous version. It has a resolution of 1920
x 1080, which is great for watching full HD videos. The sound output through the
built in speakers is loud with great clarity!The 27-inch iMac that came to us
had the same configuration as the 21.5-inch iMac. The only difference was that
it had an ATI Radeon 4670 graphics instead of Nvidia and had a 1TB hard drive.
The display resolution of this huge display is a whopping 2560 x 1440 pixels,
which means that you have a lot of space to work around with. It scored 178.50
X-bench points and a score of 4288 in Geekbench. The improvement is basically
because of the better performance by the ATi card as there is no other change in
configuration here. The iMac systems have seen a relative performance upgrade
than its previous generation machines and the inclusion of wireless keyboard and
mouse makes it all more appealing. Although both of them stayed around 45-degree
temperature most of the time, but when the temperature started rising, the
cooling fans came on. With the cooling fan running, the 27-inch iMac was so loud
that it almost sounded like a hair dryer.

Bottomline:  The iMac desktop would not just add to your performance,
but also  to your room décor. However, at the same price you can get a much
powerful desktop PC assembled or the Dell Studio XPS 8100.  

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