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Apple, the Champion brand in the smartwatch category, is mostly considered for its brand name and enjoys the highest loyalty.

Fastrack users are the most satisfied, with nearly seven in ten users able to spontaneously recall the brand.

The Indian smartwatch market has witnessed remarkable growth over the years, driven by advancements in technology, changing consumer preferences, and the need for multifunctional wearable devices. As the world adapted to the digital era, smartwatches emerged as more than just timekeeping devices, offering a wide range of features that cater to the modern lifestyle.

Furthermore, with the projected growth rate of 64.7 percent in the Indian smartwatch market over the forecast period between 2023 and 2029, there are exciting times ahead for both consumers and industry players.

Affinity 3
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Affinity 3

Once again, the giants Samsung and Apple have proven their dominance. Apple Watch has claimed the top spot, while Fastrack Reflex closely follows as the first runner-up. Samsung Galaxy Watchhas secured a formidable position as the winner in this year’s index.

Google Pixel Watch, the tech giant’s own offering in the smartwatch space, garnered the next spot, showcasing its potential to be a strong player in the market. While boat is making strides in the smartwatch segment.

This year’s results reveal an intriguing competition among top smartwatch brands, with Fastrack Reflex and Boat making significant strides, while Apple and Samsung continue to assert their recall dominance.

Spontaneous 3
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Spontaneous 3

Fastrack Reflex and boAt have demonstrated their growing presence in the market, securing the first and second spots, respectively. Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, the industry giants, are neck and neck in the recall race, both securing third and fourth spots. Google Pixel Watch enters the top five.

Current 3
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Current 3

This year’s results reveal a dynamic landscape with Apple Watch and Fastrack Reflexemerging as joint leaders, while boAt makes significant strides in smartwatch adoption.Google Pixel Watchand Samsung Galaxy Watchclaim the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

While Apple and Fastrack dominate the chart, Google Pixel Watch’s presence indicates growing recognition and adoption of Google’s smartwatch ecosystem. Samsung’s steady performance underscores its enduring appeal to consumers, though it faces stiffer competition in the current market landscape.

In the previous year’s survey, Apple emerged as the top choice for future smartwatch purchases. This year, Apple remains a strong contender, and Fastrack has made remarkable strides in capturing consumers’ attention, securing the second position.

Future 3
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Future 3

Samsung maintains its strong position, ranking third with a 30 percent score. Google Pixel Watch and boAt secure the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, with 26 percent and 23 percent scores.

In the previous year’s survey, Samsung reigned supreme, closely followed by Fastrack and Apple. However, this year’s results present an interesting shift, with Fastrack Reflex emerging as the top performer, while Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch maintain strong positions in the competitive market.

Overall 4
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Overall 4

Fastrack Reflex ‘s stellar performance in this year’s survey is noteworthy. Apple Watchsecured the second spot while Samsung Galaxy Watch, which led in the previous year’s satisfaction survey, retains a competitive position this year. Google Pixel Watch and boAt secure the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

The previous year’s survey reflected the rising competition in the smartwatch market, with all brands fiercely vying for customer loyalty. While in this year’s survey, Apple Watch maintains its leadership positionwith a brand loyalty score of 59 percent.

Fastrack Reflex secures the second spot with a notable 53 percent brand loyalty score. Samsung Galaxy Watch follows closely with a 50percent loyalty score, Google Pixel Watch and boAt secure the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, with brand loyalty scores of 44percent and 39 percent.

Loyalty 4
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Loyalty 4

The previous year’s survey revealed Oppo’s outstanding performance in this segment, securing a perfect 100 percent score in brand advocacy. This year, the dynamics have slightly shifted, with Apple Watch leading the pack, while Samsung Galaxy Watch follows closely in the second spot.

Advocacy 4
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Advocacy 4

Fastrack Reflex follows closely for the third spot, boAt secures the fourth position and Google Pixel Watch completes the top five list.

While the Apple Watch, Fastrack Reflex, boAt, and Google Pixel Watch also receive strong recommendations, the competition remains intense.

The survey highlights the significance of brand names in the smartwatch industry. Both Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch users primarily cited brand name as the key factor driving their loyalty.

Reason 4
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest Reason 4

Google Pixel Watch users have indicated that price plays a pivotal role in their decision to stick with the brand. Fastrack Reflex users, on the other hand, emphasized quality as the primary reason for their brand loyalty. For boat users, after-sales support and service emerged as the key factor driving brand loyalty.

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