Apple Planning to Launch AirPods Studio Headphones Before Christmas

Apple is planning to launch AirPods Studio before December 13th. Reliable sources have now confirmed that AirPod Studio is launching now.

Sushant Rohan Singh
New Update

It seems like the launches of new generation of Apple devices are not going to stop anytime soon. In recent news of upcoming launches, it is the rumored Apple AirPods Studio over the head headphones. According to AppleTrack, a reliable source for everything Apple the tech giant is planning to launch its first-ever AirPods Studio this week. That means we will be seeing the much-rumored headphones before 13th December.


Apple AirPods Studio has been in the news for a long time. However, it was mostly part of rumors at the time. Now it looks like finally Apple is ready to introduce its first-ever over-the-head headphones. That being said, many sources are also claiming that AirPods Studio might be delayed to 2021. The only thing that is confirmed is that Apple will be launching a new device this week. The reason why many believe including us here at PCQuest that this time AirPods Studio is finally launching is because of AppleTrack.

Unlike many other Apple product news portals, Appletrack has a track record of never giving credence to rumors. Add to that the fact that Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also tweeted that “Apple is still planning to announce high-end, noise-canceling over-ear headphones.” 9to5Mac claims that AirPod Studio will also feature ear detection and will pause music automatically. Plus there will also be advanced equalizer settings while other reports suggest it will be available in sport and premium versions.

Needless to say, there are very high expectations from Apple as usual. 9to5Mac also mentions finding a new icon hidden in iOS 14.3 beta and this icon is apparently just like the AirPods Studio leaked image. Not only this but there are also questions being raised on what type of accessories we can expect to see for AirPods Studio. Even the price of these headphones is under much speculation but one thing that is certain is that they will be premium. The AirPods Studio is probably going to be aimed at more professional users.

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