Apple to Soon Release New AirPods with Health-Related Features: Know More

The US-based tech behemoth Apple recently added several life-saving health features to its smartwatches

Preeti Anand
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new AirPods with health related features

The US-based tech behemoth Apple recently added several life-saving health features to its smartwatches. It is rumoured that it will soon release new AirPods with health-tracking capabilities. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple's AirPods could quickly get more noticeable auditory health benefits.


Gurman's most recent newsletter

According to Gurman's most recent newsletter, Apple will update the AirPods to include "the capacity to get hearing statistics of some type" in the next year or two. In recent years, the business has introduced several hearing-centred functions to the AirPods, including Live Listen and Conversation Boost. Gurman pointed out that these functions are not yet FDA-approved or intended to supplant hearing aids. He anticipates AirPods taking on these kinds of roles more formally shortly, given Apple's health goals, according to MacRumors.

Apple plans to include biometric health tracking.


According to the story, Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo previously emphasised the company's plan to have biometric health tracking capabilities in upcoming AirPods models. An earbud-based fitness tracking system with an integrated sophisticated biometric sensor has been detailed in Apple patent documents. Through skin contact and built-in motion sensors, this system detects physical parameters such as temperature, heart rate, and perspiration levels.

Future health data could come from Apple Earbuds

Kevin Lynch, Apple's vice president of technology, has also suggested that future health data could come from Earbuds, according to the news source. Another report from Gurman indicates that the first Mac tablet could be released as early as 2025. Additionally, the first touchscreen Mac is anticipated to maintain a conventional notebook design with a trackpad and a keypad.

  • According to Gurman, Apple developers are actively working on creating a Mac with a touchscreen, and an OLED version of the MacBook Pro may be one of the first Macs with a touchscreen.
  • It was revealed in 2020 that the tech behemoth intended to include ambient light sensors in upcoming iterations of the AirPods to track information like blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
  • Another story from later in 2021 stated that the business was looking into new health-related functions for its AirPods.
  • However, in January of this year, expert Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the tech behemoth would begin shipping new AirPods Max, which could cost $99, in the second half of next year or the first half of 2025.