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Apple to upgrade MacBook this WWDC

Apple’s MacBook laptops’ impressive sales over the years have been fuelled by their consistent performance and build quality. And to keep the momentum going, Apple could be upgrading their MacBook lineup at WWDC — a developer conference focused on Apple’s software platforms.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple will be upgrading the MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook with newer and faster processors from Intel. An upgraded MacBook Air lineup is also being considered.

Mac computers set up Apple to become one of the most influential companies in the world. Even though iPhones overshadow Macs in revenue and sales, it’s an important part of their legacy. So, it’s important for Apple to update its lineup and keep up with the evolving Windows devices.

Windows has taken a much more radical route by making the OS and hardware like the Surface lighter and faster. While Apple only introduced touch on their laptops in the form of Touch Bar, Microsoft has been trying to bridge the gap between laptops and tablets with the entire screen being touchscreen.

The report also states that the new device will be more of an inside overhaul than cosmetic. The company already started omitting the lit-up Apple logo in favour of sleeker screens and with the new range, they might be aiming at making them more power efficient and cooler during peak performance.

Even though Apple’s MacBooks have sustained their popularity, the company must be feeling the pressure since the Surface lineup is targeting the creative community. Whether the internal improvements bring the competitive edge back to Apple, only time will tell.


Mayank Shishodia: