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  • MyFitnessPal
    Platform: Android & iOS

    This is a free calorie-counter app that helps a user track
    their calorie intake throughout the day. Initially, it asks
    for some general information such as your age, height and
    weight, and then it asks the user to set a weight loss goal.
    The app then calculates the appropriate calorie intake to
    achieve that, and prescribes a diet within that limit. The
    user should enter the food they intake for breakfast, lunch
    and dinner, along with any exercise they do. The UI is simple
    and intuitive, and I was able to find a wide variety of Indian
    food and snacks in the database. This is a great app because
    it provides a simple tracking tool to keep the user reminded
    of their optimal calorie intake, and can help maintain a
    proper diet.

  • Workout

    Platform: Android & iOS

    Workout trainer is a free application that gives you access to
    1000s of workout sessions you can follow. The app delivers
    multimedia workouts, with workout demonstration pictures and
    audio, to instruct you on how to perform various exercises to
    improve your health. There are workouts for all type of
    specialized strengthening a user might want, including Abs,
    Running, Cardio, Weightlifting and so on. The app is easy to
    use, and it is nice that the workouts can be customized to
    your own need, as the type and intensity of the exercise can
    be modified easily.

  • WebMD
    Platform: Android & iOS

    This is another useful app that provides a plethora of
    information regarding health conditions , symptoms and drugs.
    Although the app should not be used conclusively to diagnose
    medical conditions, it still proves to be useful to gain more
    information about symptoms and their treatments. There are
    also some critical first-aid information instructions which
    could be life-saving if used in the right circumstances. For
    example, there is information on how to treat an asthma attack
    or cardiac attack or diarrhea, and some simple tips can help
    to relieve pain of the victim until further medical help
    arrives. The app is a veritable gold mine when it comes to
    health information, and there are articles which provide
    further knowledge about various symptoms and diseases.

  • MapMyFitness
    Platform: Android & iOS

    This is a useful route-tracking app which can keep a track of
    the routes and distance that you run using Google Maps. It can
    log the distance, pace, elevation and calories burned during a
    running workout session.It also has a nutrition tool, which
    allows you to budget the calorie intake for the day and keep
    track of calorie intake through the day. While it has a less
    impressive database than MyFitnessPal, I was still able to
    find “rava upma” in the search. You are also able to share
    routes with friends through the social networking feature of
    this app. Unfortunately, I was not able to pull up any routes
    from the Bangalore area. Perhaps not many folks in India use
    this app, but it is still a useful one nonetheless.

  • iTriage
    Platform: Android & iOS

    This is also a medical database tool, where you can look up
    symptoms and diagnose illnesses. I tried using it, and found
    that there was a very useful feature which allows you to
    pinpoint medical facilities around your present location using
    GPS. The app was able to pull up several hospitals in
    Bangalore with emergency units. There is also additional
    information about various medical procedures and what they
    involve. You can also set emergency hotline numbers to dial
    which immediately call those numbers in the case of
    emergencies such as poisoning or accidents.

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