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Jyoti Bhagat
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Technology has gradually changed the world and made our daily life much easier then it was before. And AI & IoT has become the practice of each and every tech based startups. The IT industries are accepting this transformation and making the solution according

to the public’s needs. Hence there are few AI based startups who deals the latest technologies for a person who is still single. all this might seem a bit stupid & irrational. Some people may feel singularly left out on such occasions while many others may turn extremely

bitter and skeptical about life as a whole. Well, there is nothing to get depressed off. There are many APP based dating services that can surely work out on the type of relationship you seek.

So, check out these trending dating apps:




One of the world’s most famous dating apps is Tinder which was founded by Sean Rad Founder & Chairman, Tinder. Tinder is one of the main player in dating app market. It came from nowhere and dominated the whole world. This app has more than 50 million active users and each user spends 90 minutes per day and

checks their account 11 times per day. This app has a unique algorithm which assures you connect with a partner or a person within a minute or less than it. The Tinder app has more of a social app kind of theme which has features like mutual friends, like,

super-like option etc. In a situation when we really needed a match or a person for dating, Tinder can be perfect, No longer do we have to Google ‘signs a guy is crushing on you’ or ‘does she like me quiz’, although admittedly it can be fun to take these when you’re idly wondering if your work buddy is harboring secret feelings.

Now that we have dating apps like Tinder, we don’t have to guess if someone likes us – we’re greet-ed with the proof, then put in a digital room together and invited to chat, Where you will get the option of swipe right and swipe left for choosing or rejecting

your choice respectively.

Truly Madly


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India’s best dating & matchmaking app which uses the perfect algorithm to suggest matches according to your interests. The company was founded by Sachin Bhatia, CEO and co-founder, TrulyMadly. It has some unique features which keep your images

safe. your friends can endorse you to increase your trust score, connecting other social media accounts to increase your trust score, conversations, etc.

TrulyMadly is the only player asserting that 45% of its user base is from the non-top 10 cities. Recently the cpmpany has entered into an exclusive partnership with InMobi for ad monetization. The

dating app, in partnership with InMobi, intends to help advertisers amplify their reach on mobile using a varied range of ad formats including native, interstitial and video. It enables advertisers to reach users using InMobi’s platform capabilities such as locationbased targeting and engage them through formats

such as video.




Woo is a leading dating app that helps connect interesting Desi people every day based on your interests and lifestyle. The whole Woo experience is designed in such a way that the users can express

their true personalities and form rich meaningful connections based on things that truly matter to them.

Sumesh Menon, Co-Founder and CEO, Woo, Says ‘We believe that technology, layered with the right human insight has immense power to remove barriers and help connect people and create the magic. Our app is for urban singles in India & abroad who

are seeking a real, meaningful relationship and not casual hookups. Woo matches profiles based on common interests and common lifestyles. The whole Woo experience is designed in such a way that the users can express their true personalities and form rich

meaningful connections based on things that truly matter to them. We believe that technology, layered with the right human insight has immense power to remove barriers and help connect people and create the magic.’

Safety is a key consideration, especially on an

app of a social nature and most serious developers prioritize it as a top agenda. Our focus on security runs through the entire app experience, starting from on boarding where our machine learning algorithm weeds out any fake/ pseudo profiles. All communication

between potential matches can seamlessly

happen within our app environment through our

enhanced chat engine, Menon Adds. USP’s of Woo: Woo continue to focus on Indian diaspora by appealing and connecting with Indians

settled abroad with high disposable incomes, common interests, liking & familiarity. Our product is tailor made for an audience like this with features like tag search, question cast & Woo globe, where a person can use location preference, ethnicity and religion for

searching profiles on the app.



gleeden was launched in 2009. At that time, a study showed that more than 30% of people

who were on traditional dating sites were in reality married and were lying about it to meet people. The idea was to create a website which allows married people to be finally themselves on a dating website, without lying about their marital status. Gleeden was

specially made to give them a secure environment where they can meet people discreetly. About 1.9 lakh members are using Gleeden in India. Solene Paillet, Head of Communication Management

of shares‘To deliver its services to its member, Gleeden has a website (desktop and mobile version) and of course an app. 70% of the users’ connections are made from a mobile phone (app+ mobile website)’.

‘To promote the app, the means of communication

used by Gleeden are quite conventional: press releases, poster and printed campaigns etc ... What makes Gleeden’s communication original and unique is its funny and pungent side. Recently, we have also promoted the app with TV campaigns’ Most Gleeden partners operate on a cross-marketing agreement with companies that target our community (more than 3.6 million members worldwide).

The brand also makes a lot of partnerships with ‘experts’(authors, sociologists, psychologists, sex therapists, bloggers etc…). This is one of the reasons why Gleeden has become a reference in terms of

encounters, seduction and sexuality.’ Paillet adds



Sagoon was developed with the purpose of

creating a socialized world. Sagoon is only the

player that introduced this new concept “Social

Media Monetization”. According SwatiGovinda Giri -

Founder/CEO of Sagoon Inc. ‘Sagoon intends to make

the world a better place to live by helping people

build true connections, share useful experiences

and earn while socializing. The company believes

that reinventing the concept of social gifting would

improve people’s relationships and make them

cherish each moment spent with their loved ones.

The key offerings are:

• My Day: is the fastest way to create & share schedules

and to-do-lists, and set reminders. It has been

designed to simplify your daily professional and

personal lives, and improve productivity

• Secret Sharing: A secret is learning, finding, experience

or a thought that you think can help and

benefit the society. Or, it could be any information

that you want to publish without disclosing your


• Mood Talk: Supercharge your chatting with this

tool. Use custom emoticons and crazy stickers

during a private or group chat. Let your moods do

the talking!

• Social Smart Card: This upcoming feature will allow

Sagoon users to earn monetary rewards for all

the time they spend using Sagoon features. This

card will enable users to.

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