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2.1 speaker systems are becoming more and more popular and slowly replacing the stereo speakers normally used with PCs.

This is primarily because they’ve become more affordable, not to mention the craving people have for teh sub-woofer. Here, we reviewed three entry-level 2.1 speaker systems from Artis. These are good for people who want to migrate from their existing desktop stereo speakers to 2.1 speakers without having to spend too much. While the S100 and S320 are for entry-level consumers, S200 caters to the more adventurous lot. While the entry-level speakers are rated as 1000 W, the S200 is graded as1500 Watts PMPO. The RMS rating of the speakers was not mentioned anywhere. 

dArtis S320
This 2.1 speaker system is good for easy listening, and has the potential of brightening your desktop with its blue and silver casing. The vocals can become a bit overpowering at high volumes, but can be controlled with the bass and treble controls on the front of the sub-woofer. With a frequency response of 50Hz to 17KHz and a price tag of around 2,000, it seems a good choice for soft music. It is also easier to connect these speakers than the other two, as these have jacks, while the others have loose cables. 

Artis S100
Sporting specs just a bit lower than the S320, this system is also good for soft music. The non-availability of treble control makes it difficult to control vocals at high volumes. The woofer sounds quite good at low volumes, but it tends to jar at high volumes. Sporting a frequency response rate of 50 Hz 16.5 KHz, it is a decent buy at 2,000. Recommended if you are a Lata Mangeshkar fan, but if Aerosmith excites you, you should look at the Artis S200.

N   A   P   S   H  
O   T

Price : S320: Rs 2000, S100: Rs 2000, S200: Rs 2700
Key specs : 2.1 speaker systems for easy listening
Pros : Comprehensive at an affordable price, can be customized at extra cost
Contact : Kunhar Peripherals Pvt Ltd, 13, Durlabh Bhavan B, Jalbhai Street, Off Raja Ram Mohan Rai Marg, Mumbai
Tel : 91-22-56345758,
Fax  : 91-22-56345859 
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Artis S200
Beauty with brains! From looks to performance, it beats the other two in all respects. Though it lacks depth in bass, it’s better than the other two. Plus, its frequency response range of 45 Hz to 17.5 KHz is also better. Overall, a good set of speakers for easy listening, and with a price tag of around 2,500, it’s a good bargain too. So shall we say, easy on the pockets and nice to the ears!

Geetaj Channana

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