AsteroidOS: An Open-source Alternative to Android Wear

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Pebble has just been digested by Fitbit and Motorola is betting heavily on its Moto 360 series running on Android Wear. Samsung is committed towards the wearable market but the other big manufacturers are suspiciously silent. We don’t know yet whether Google’s self-branded Wear devices will see the light of the day or not.

In short, the wearable market has slowed down to such an extent that tech enthusiasts are questioning the overall usability of these devices.

French computer science student and developer Florent Revest has developed AsteroidOS, a Linux-based wearable OS that has been designed specifically to make it as portable as possible. The plus point of AsteroidOS is its open-source nature which can be freely modified by developers and manufacturers.

This Linux-based working system has been designed as an alternative OS for some Android Wear smartwatches. AsteroidOS boasts of higher management over privateness, and the liberty to run open source software program.

AsteroidOS is still in alpha phase but the demo video shared recently on YouTube showcased its solid looks.

“On a purely technical side, my main goals for the platform are: expanding battery life beyond its current limitations and supporting more sensors. These two aspects are very important in the success of a smartwatch OS and also exciting technical challenges to work on. Until now, they have been voluntarily left apart in favor of more fundamental tasks,” said Florent.

Jolla, the company behind SailfishOS, has already lent its support to the new wearable platform which is a good sign.

According to a report by IDC, wearables powered by the Android Wear will experience market-beating growth, with a combination of consumer electronics heavyweights and an expanding list of watchmaker brands also expected to launch their own smart watches in the years to come.

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