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but a good performer 

Price: Rs 19,800 Meant for: Avid gamers, graphics professionals
Features: GeForce2 GTS chip, hardware T&L, TV box included
Contact: Rashi Peripherals. Tel.: 8260256-5 9 Fax: 8221012. 105, Unique House, Chakala X Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 099. 

The AGP-V7700 card from Asus is a video card for both graphics professionals and avid gamers. The one we’ve reviewed has one extra feature: it comes with a TV box. The card’s based on Nvidia’s GeForce2 GTS chip, and has 32 MB on-board
memory. It has a hard-wired T&L engine unlike the GeForce3 chip that is programmable. It has a fill rate of 1.6 gigatexels or 800M pixels, and was pretty much the king of all video cards before the arrival of GeForce2 Ultra and GeForce3. This particular model comes with a heatsink and fan, which is necessary considering the high temperatures it manages to reach under heavy workloads.

In our video testing, Quake III Arena hit a frame rate of 42.2 at a high resolution of 1024*768*32, and 3DWinbench 2000 gave 90.7. These are pretty good, and something that an avid gamer would look forward to. Since this particular model comes with a TV box and remote control, you have the luxury of watching TV on your computer as well. It comes with VR goggles, too, but we are not big fans of it, since it seems to make little difference to game play. Five CDs are included, but the only game in the bundle is Soldier of Fortune. The rest are driver CDs, DVD software, etc. At Rs 19,800, the V7700 is slightly expensive, but for those who want a good gaming
card with TV capabilities, it might prove to be a good deal.

Anuj Jain

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